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Accessing The Forum

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by XH558, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Feck it i'd enough for now.
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  2. Could be plausible. I routinely turn off v6 on any new hardware on our domains as it causes grief
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  3. You tube is good too
  4. Edited for accuracy
  5. Does sound like IPv6 thing.
  6. All good here :)
  7. Shhh
  8. I’ve just run out some tests across a few different routers/lines and the bt router/line IS having issues in comparison to the others I’ve got at work. I’ve also tried it via 4g and that’s also fine.

  9. I'm still having problems with the thing hanging / slow not responding,just impossible how many hours later.: unamused:
  10. In having problems too. Pages are slow to respond then get an error. when i refresh they appear. All other web sites are ok so its something wrong with this one.
  11. Not too bad on here last night but really slow this morning
  12. no problems on my iPhone and plusnet *gloating* o_O:grinning:
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  13. It’s still with the techies :bucktooth:
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  14. Haven’t had any problems personally, I mentioned the IPv6 thing as have had similar problems in the past.
    It’s not a fix but can help until the ISP has sorted the problem.
  15. Ah ok......it seems to be stable on my iPad again.
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  16. Access is appalling.
  17. Still? What issues are you having?
  18. You are back on IPv4 again.
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