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Adventure Suit Recommendations Please

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by JAT, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. I’m to pick my new bike up next week it’s a cough...GSA.....cough..
    I’ve been looking for a jacket and trousers for touring and there seems to be hundreds of options so I’m after some guidance please.
    I can’t afford the likes of Rukka or Klim but I’ve a budget of £600 but do I go for laminate, goretex etc. I’ve no idea of the difference to be honest and I seem to be going round in circles.
    Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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  2. How can I put this delicately.

    You've bought the GSA which would imply your a serious adventurist cos you didn't go for the plain old GS.

    BUT, you don't have the gear of an adventurist cos you need jacket and trouser stuff.

    NOW, you've bought the best adventure bike in the GSA (alledgedly) but have a limited budget for the gear.

    You've got me me scratching my head as to what advice would be best for you.

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  3. It’s quite easy to understand what advice I need, it states it in the post.
    £600 in my eyes is a healthy budget, I have plenty of jacket and trousers stuff that I’ve accumulated over the years.
    But I would like to purchase some decent waterproof textiles as I’m planning to do some touring and therefore I politely asked if anyone could help.
    Obviously you can’t so run along.
  4. Go to motolegends near Guildford. Or if you live to far away then go to their website. They'll tell you the difference between laminate and drop liner. My opinion laminate is awesome for keeping you dry but its pricey. Its slowly coming down in price as more companies release products. I was looking at Halvarsons wish pants at £400,the jacket will probably be more like 500-600.Bering do cheaper laminate. Also check Dianese. Problems with laminate are they can be quite a stiff material and hence initially uncomfortable .Also they are less breathable and hence hotter. Maybe you can do a zero percent deal over 12 months and afford a bit more.
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  5. Cheers Duncs,
    I’m not far from Motolegends and I was on their website earlier, that’s a good shout plus they do 0% finance if I’m not mistaken.
    Oxford have brought out a laminate jacket/pants which is keenly priced but there’s not many reviews on it as yet.
    There’s plenty of options out there but a ride down to Motolegends is on the cards.
    Trouble is they have got some lovely gear down there I just know I’ll be wiped out financially!! Thanks
  6. Yeah I've bought far too much from them lately, they will advise you if you need laminate or not. I've bought some furygan non laminate from them and its good stuff but laminate is better for my purposes. Heads up their sale is on now and they do price match plus 10%. I looked at Rukka Nivala pants £870,sportsbikeshop had them at 800 ,so they drop it down to 720.
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  7. Don't forget the whip :thinkingface:

  8. And for the girls, this should do nicely ………...:eyes:

  9. It pays to think about what sort of trips you are doing.... there are a lot of claims about jackets etc being 4 seasons suitable.
    My recent trip in summer thru france (30 plus degrees each day) meant I wanted well ventilated gear- I got a cheap oxford Montreal 3 jacket with loads of vents...it was OK and some very cheap £79 mesh pants from Frank Thomas ....excellently comfortable. Are they any good in a crash? No idea... but they worked day to day. Jacket waterproof and removable thermal liner, pants.... just put a decent pair of over trousers on if it rains ( they roll up small in your luggage too)
    Try stuff on and do exactly what you are doing...try and get some useful opinions, don't think the most expensive is always the best - sometimes you can get 2 good items for the price of one over priced one.
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  10. save up for rukka; bikestop do finance'
  11. Thanks for all the info chaps, I’ve got 2 tours of Scotland next year so that’s initially what I’m getting geared up for. I’ve also got a trip down to Cornwall in 2 weeks.
    Waterproof being the number one concern.
    After that who knows where I may go.
    You’ve given me plenty of ideas, thank you.
  12. Motolegends have some nice jackets in there sale, this time of year I would be looking for sale offers, you have gear already so there is no rush right now, I am sure your budget will get you some great gear in the sales. I have been impressed with Halvarssons quality and comfort.
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  13. Just my 2p....
    Why not keeping the gear you have and just buy a good quality waterproof over shell?
    Klim pants and jacket should fit in your budget.
    TBH I am not a big fan of 4 season riding gear, there will always be a little compromise...so imho better to go in layers.
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  14. That’s another option to mull over. Cheers
  15. I have a Dainese laminate Gore Tex suit, can’t remember which model name it is as I’ve had it about 7 or 8 years now, it’s been brilliant tbh and you can always get a decent discount on them if your cheeky enough to ask!

    If I know it going to be a full day biblical downpour, I put a two piece waterproof over the top of them, not because I think they’ll leak ( never have done yet ) it just stops them getting absolutely filthy from the crap thrown up off the road, especially on the Panigale as it flings it all up your back!

    I had intended to buy Rukka but the fit was just terrible on me, too boxy around the waist and I couldn’t adjust it enough.
    I know Rukka are good, but at those prices they should be made to measure for you, then they would be a blinding suit.

    Try as many makes on as you can I think,
    Good luck
  16. If you're ever paying top end, just go the whole hog and get Stadler.
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  17. Speak to Kate at Hideout Leather and look at the range they offer on their website. Service and knowledge that is " second to none".
    www.hideout-leather.co.uk if I ever buy the sort of kit I think you're looking for it will be their Hi-Pro range, looked at it up at NEC last year. QUALITY!
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  18. Gore's warranty on their top waterproof membrane is worth considering when looking at kit. Whatever brand you go for. It's worth a bit extra for that peace of mind alone. My Sidi boots were 4 years old and started leaking. New pair obtained through shop/importer due to Gore's warranty. The boots only had a 2 year warranty from Sidi.
  19. Always pays to get the best you can even if you think you can't afford it at the time.
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