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  1. Go ahead........educate me :)

    Or is your version of leeching called "support"? Asking for a friend you understand :)

    Ps. Feel free to support another site if you wish, free of charge.
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  2. I hope you never need support from anyone.
  3. So are you going to educate me?
  4. Wouldn't that be support?
  5. Not in my book. That would be a conversation. Or a lesson.
  6. Guys and odd Girl... we all spend far too much time on here... so paying £5 or £15.. is a bargain... what else would entertain you 365 days a year an hour a day .. or more... for that??

    How much do you pay for Sky at home -- £50 a month... £600 a year...

    How much do you pay to BT.. £30 a month... £50 a month... £500 a year...

    How much do you spend in Costa / Starbucks or McD on Coffee... £ 5 to £ 10 a week... £300 a year...
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  7. @Mac - just out of interest do you have a TV licence or Sky? Do they let you use their services FOC too? Is your broadband free?

    If so I'd like a slice of that :)
  8. Which is the whole point of fora. You seem to forget that a forum is only worth what it's members are willing to pay, otherwise it's a paid membership club.
  9. I repeat, you do not have to pay. It is entirely your choice whether you do or you don't.

    If you choose not to pay then you will see adverts from sponsors that help pay for the running of the forum and all because you don't and won't pay for the upkeep of the forum. You cannot have it all ways.

    I hope I have made that clear once and for all.

    I think the majority (and by that I will stick my neck out and say 99.999999% of users of the forum) believe that £5 for one years subscription is great value for the knowledge and entertainment they get day in, day out. You obviously don't.

    But as I say it's entirely your choice whether you subscribe or not. I'm bored with your ridiculous arguments now.
  10. Make the forum subscription only then and watch the membership disappear and only a (relatively) few people pay. This argument has been done to death on the internet. The members make the forum.
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  11. I think a fiver is pittance to pay for the valuable information it gives,
    I give far more to charities not knowing where my money goes:confused:
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  12. im no grammar nazi, but you spelt dork wrong!
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  13. i cant believe that anyone would seriously complain about the OPTIONAL subscription fees... surely its a wind up? if not, i say, take ya shit and fuck off... that is just this mans opinion... others are available....
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  14. Pay £15 and you get a lifetime Halfords card which has more than paid for itself then back to a £5
    Bargain me thinks :)
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  15. @El Toro - Out of interest... of the posters... How many are Subscribers and How Many just members?

    How much does a site like this cost to run a year? Servers - Power - Internet - Tea for the Moderators... (good job you seem to be an insomniac) - just interested...


  16. Yes - its a bargain that way ....but so is paying the £15 a year.. then you get cards for all the family...
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  17. If I was to charge my hourly rate (together with expenses) that I would charge in my day to day business and Rob charges his hourly rate then the answer would be “shitloads” :)
  18. But you work for free... because your a kind hearted soul... who likes to keep busy... I was more thinking the real cash costs Servers and stuff..... not the huge amount of man hours keeping the sites running...

    For a user... it seems nothing... but for the provider... there has to be a tangible cost.
  19. Yes far more than it's worth I would guess!
    Not enough subscribers to make a shit load of money given the effort and time involved for the moderators who control this site.
  20. Awww shucks :blush: don't even mention it :motorcycleduc::heart:
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