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V4 After Market Exhaust Options.

Discussion in '899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4 Panigale' started by Mary Hinge, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Ok, on the table so far I believe is the Akrapovic and what looks like the Termignoni thing coming out in April.
    My favorite so far has been that stubby Termi job that exits right side of belly pan and sticks up a bit. It sounds the absolute bollox too, but as far as I can work out, it's not for mainstream sale.
    The Akrapovic that comes on the Speciale- I thought it would grow on me but it hasn't. It's a bit fugly and all those quirky angles completely messes with my OCD. Never the less, so far it's my only choice.
    And finally there's that fucking God awful Termignoni thing that sticks out the back of your bike like a massive ugly bastard sticky out thing. Fuck no!
    My concern is that I get my bike this year, slap the expensive Akra on it then immediately after a ding dong beautiful system (that gives an additional 500bhp) is put on the market.
    Thoughts prospective V4 ers'?
  2. Personally if it were my choice I'd probably hang fire with the stock system and wait for a bit.

    Sacrilege i know, and yes it'd be a daily battle not pulling the trigger on the Akra, but for that sort of money for me at least id rather wait to see what becomes available.

    How much is the Akra? £4000+ wasn't it? Thats pants down money in my book

    Its almost guaranteed that you'll get a new system come out for latter £2000's / early £3000, perhaps cheaper if its just an exhaust box addon in the underbelly style (£1500-£2000)

    Failing that you could always go completely left field and pick up one of the many 959 shotgun stock exhausts floating around, one mans eye sore is another mans.......eye sore:eyes:
  3. Shit no, I'll be taking my hacksaw to that before it's rolled out the showroom....

    What was the race system for the Desmo 10-12 years ago?? 6.5K? V4 Akra's a bargain! Probably...
  4. But thats a Desmo, a short run bike thats values have only ever gone up. Plus when you consider how much the Desmo cost then £6k was a much smaller percentage of value.

    This is a mass produced Panigale, one that currently only gives you an option of spending 20% of the bikes value again on an exhaust......Man math that :)

    959 Shotgun exhausts......its the way forward :)
  5. Hmmm, not sure I buy your logic.... And getting a 959 system to fit could prove a bit tricky.
  6. Theres bound to be some angry Austin racing system or Racefit affair that will come out....Austin will probably want another v4 as a down payment for it...
  7. Oh its fairly basic, but maybe my joke about using a 959 exhaust muddled it so best ignore that, they look shit :)

    All I'm saying is that 'if it were me' (which it isn't) then spending £4.5k+ on the Akra for a bike worth only 5 times that amount is astronomical, in my opinion only. Its pretty much 1/5 of the bikes value

    The Desmo wasn't a mass production type bike like the V4 panigale, so spending 1/7 of the value on the exhaust was par for the course.

    Anyway, who cares what i think, i don't have the money to do it so ignore me.

    If you've got the wedge, then you may as well spend it on what makes you feel best.

    Buy the Akra, it aint going to get any cheaper :)
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  8. Fair enough. But scaling cost ratio's of hardware against whatever bike? I look at the V4 Akra as a system costing xxxx and it'll still be worth a pretty penny when you unbolt it and flog it on. That's the way I look at it anyhow.
    The hideous euro4 junk will remain immaculate wrapped up in my loft until I slap it all back on for resale or when the R comes out.
  9. Wait 18 months and the Akra will be included...

    I deliberated about buying the full system for my 1290 as I thought 2k was too much! Definitely worth it though, especially as I bought mine used.

    4K on a system that doesn’t look great is too much in my opinion. I would be keeping stock until something else comes out, it also gives you something to look forward to after the new bike syndrome has warn off and you start looking at what 2019 is going to bring :D
  10. To be fair, and I accept the Akrapovic is bloody expensive, it's not really the price that's bugging me. It's the fugly looks of current stuff available. Of course we want the mixture of quality, performance and looks. And at the moment the looks is lacking...
  11. The cost is more of an issue as it doesn’t look great. The muffler exit pipe even looks naff, something you would expect on a stock bike.

    Like you say, the resell value will be good so just chop-in when something better appears.
  12. The cost is more of an issue as it doesn’t look great. The muffler exit pipe even looks naff, something you would expect on a stock bike.

    Like you say, the resell value will be good so just chop-in when something better appears.
  13. Marinelli has said that there is another Termignoni system being designed, but gave no time scale for release
  14. ive got the 1299 akras in a winter deal for free. But yea it sounds great with ear plugs in but I can only use the damn thing at the Donnington Track because of the Noise regs.
    I live near Silverstone and I dare not try it there wasting money on paying for a track day only to find I cant ride it.
    the stock exhaust is going to be on the edge of failing the noise regs I feel.
  15. It's rubbish isn't it.

    Love my Superduke with the full akrapovic but again even with the db killer in I'm only ever likely to make a 105db day.

    Been seriously considering the 899 / 959 for track this year as my road riding is becoming less and less, but they'll cause the same problems if not worse due to lack of ability of dampening the noise as easily as a conventional end can. I need to do more digging on that

    It's seriously steering me towards the S1000rr 2015 onwards, or I may try to squeeze my 6ft 3 frame in to the R1 as they sound tasty.
  16. Surely there is a market for specialist track baffles for these bikes?

    Take the SuperDuke for instance, I’ve heard people have custom baffles made up that don’t stifle performance and meet the noise regs.
  17. I wonder if its because the akra on the superduke is a conventional end can, not underbelly. Saying that even with my db killer in i reckon its 103-105db on a good day :)

    Then again, surely engineering types can work it out.
  18. SC Project.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  19. :worried: That's a shame