Featured Agv..ago Replica.

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  1. I tend to associate Ago with MV, more than anything else
  2. I bought the helmet cos I like it , makes no difference to me that Ago raced MV's...I ain't gonna go out and buy an MV anytime soon.....;)
  3. Agonising over whether to have the Ago or the Lucky... gah.
  4. 48EDE1D6-83CE-44B8-9DD3-84C50039FA23.jpeg
  5. Choices choices.....go for the Ago you won't be disappointed Ian.:upyeah:
  6. Trying to work out whether "both" is greedy... Think I know the answer (and how SWMBO would shout at me).

    Ago ordered, with smoke visor.
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  7. Managed to intercept parcelforce on drive guy with my Ago today, feels streets ahead of HJC lid I bought when returning to bikes a few years ago.
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  8. Want mine to arrive... *frustrated*

    Feel very welcome to post pics Kevin :)
  9. I
  10. So tempted to buy one again. It’s been 20 yrs since my last one. Really don’t need any more helmets.:eek:
  11. Hidden in with Mrs T's shoe collection, will try & get pic tmrw
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  12. Mixed it up a bit...

    0D8444D4-1CC1-43FB-B5A2-CE10FC202D5A.jpeg 80B8C5F5-769F-4B85-8767-A1F523BD66D5.jpeg 1F34FD37-7FBC-40F9-8DF2-86D3A5A0CE7E.jpeg

    Good little lid, pretty.
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