All New £15 Premium Membership: Halfords Discount Cards

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Rob, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Used my trade card today for some bits for my mini :)
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  2. Cleaning products no doubt, girls can't use spanners...... Surely? :joy:;)
  3. It was and I can use spanner’s ;)
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  4. Hmm :thinkingface:

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  5. I had my own tool kit which my brother seems to have stolen :)
  6. He knew it would be in safer hands viv :D
  7. Lol I would agree only he doesn’t have a car or bike :D
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  8. every so often Snap-on does some pink stuff. my daughter loves it and is slowly building up her tool collection. Obviously at my expense!
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  9. Thank you
  10. Sorry Rob, that has just confused me. My £5 subscription expires tomorrow but I paid for the £15 subscription yesterday. Are you saying it hasn’t gone through ? Andy
  11. Hi Andy, yes - all gone through. Thank you.

    Basically: if you’re a standard subscriber you CANNOT purchase another Standard subscription until your existing subscription has expired, but you can purchase the Halfords card (exactly like you have done!). Or vice versa.

    Apologies for the confusion!
  12. That’s okay Rob, confusion is far too easy at my advanced years :D Andy
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  13. @El Toro
    Hi, Plan to upgrade to the to get the halfords discount card, If im already a forum subscriber how do i go about upgrading or is it a matter of having to pay another additional £15 on top of what ive already paid??, Appreciate a little guidance,

  14. Yes you do an upgrade......take a look here
  15. Latest batch info sent.
  16. Just to add, I got the Halfords trade card a couple of weeks ago (thanks Rob). Last week the battery on my Son's car expired suddenly meaning he needed a new one that day, local Halfords had it in stock and the card got me £15 discount.

    So, not only can support the site, you can do it for free on just the one purchase or, better yet turn a 'profit' on several. :upyeah:
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  17. Needed a battery for my monster £67, with trade card £53 result!.
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  18. I went to fit a new Optimate cable today on the ZZR, and as I tightened down the positive terminal, the terminal metal cracked and snapped (never seen that before), so I bought a new battery. Was £62, only £47.20 with trade card, virtually paid for itself with that alone. :upyeah:
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  19. Just can't stand to see Wayne's last post here, it's a constant sad reminder of him not wanting to play anymore! :)
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  20. He was last on here lurking at 8.43am yesterday
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