Featured All Thirteen Panigale V4 S Bikes From The “race Of Champions” Have Been Auctioned On Ebay

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  1. All thirteen Panigale V4 S bikes from the “Race of Champions” have been auctioned on eBay
    • “Race of Champions” Panigale V4 S auction week marked by a surge of bids
    • Record-breaking bid of 120,000 euro for Troy Bayliss' bike
    • eBay auction followed by hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts
    Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 2 August 2018 – The “Race of Champions”, which saw Ducati riders fight for victory on the Panigale V4 S, was one of the most thrilling moments of WDW2018. Immediately after the race the thirteen specially built bikes were auctioned on eBay, with ever increasing bids capturing the attention of media and enthusiasts alike until the auction closed at 6 p.m. on Saturday 28 July.

    All thirteen Panigale V4 S bikes (the 12 used in the race plus the one prepared for Chaz Davies, injured on the eve of WDW and unable to compete) were auctioned.

    The bikes feature exclusive livery and graphics dedicated to their individual riders, with colour schemes drawing their inspiration from the bikes used in MotoGP or SBK races. On each steering yoke, a badge shows the rider's name and race number. Each rider's indelible autograph on the tank, plus a certificate of authenticity signed by Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, and the rider himself, adding to the motorcycle's value. To complete this exclusive bike, each bcomes with a series of special components used during the Race of Champions and a complete set of original parts, exhausts included, required for legal road use.

    Right from the start of this closely contested auction there was huge interest in Troy Bayliss' bike, which generated ever-higher bids that eventually reached the record-breaking figure of 120,000 euro. Dovizioso, Melandri, Lorenzo, Pirro (Race of Champions winner) and Petrucci's bikes were also in great demand, going for between 40,000 and 62,400 euro, with the bikes ridden by Miller, Davies, Rabat, Forés, Abraham, Rinaldi, and Siméon following in their wake.

    The auction generated a total of 7.084 bids from all over the world, with some 1.516 people battling it out to option the thirteen bikes. The uniqueness of the event also aroused huge interest on social media: official Ducati profiles saw more than 7 million views between Instagram and Facebook.

    The fondness and esteem that Ducatisti still nurture for Troy Bayliss, a true Ducati icon, three-times winner of the World SBK Championship and recently (at the age of 49) winner of a SBK race in Australia on a Ducati Panigale, is impressive.
  2. @Exige ? :thinkingface:
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  3. Exige......you naughty boy
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  4. Troy's went for most because he still the fans favorite.....true legend!!!!

    Ducati through & through!!
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  5. It was you then :thinkingface: crazy money for a standard Pani U4 (U=ugly brw) :)
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  6. You could use "Vile" and not have to substitute the "U" :)
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  7. Harsh!
  8. Lotus Uxige?:thinkingface:
    Pot kettle black?
  9. Your concept of what looks good and what does not is seriously flawed. Your views on automotive form are as bad as Finm's attempts at politics, the S1 Exige is one of the prettiest cars ever :heart_eyes:

    and even looks good in yellow...

    2741491239_1b93313ed7_z.jpg shinyexige02.jpg
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  10. Does look a nice car like. :)

    Not sure about "one of the prettiest cars ever", but you have strange ideas on what constitutes good coffee, so maybe not a surprising point of view. :blush:
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  11. no ziggy. A Mclaren F1 is a pretty car. The exige is not. Its far too stumpy. considering it was certified ergonomically for the 80th percentile that be unforgivable.

    Get thee gone and enjoy your v4 pantygirly wot you have won on the ebay. :blush:
  12. Unlike you I have taste, and will never buy a Duc U4 :)
    OK, not pretty but stunning the S1 Exi :heart_eyes:
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  13. what about if it was a prototype Ducati wouldn't admit existed? - a bit of you that is. :eyes:
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  14. I don't even know what those words are supposed to mean :blush:
  15. Didn't the exige have a rover engine in it??:joy:
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  16. My brother-in-law had a one. Cream it was with 2 green stripes over it. He said it was a limited edition harking back to something. It was sold as my sister wanted a caravan. :laughing:

    Looked like this. It shows up as a Type 23, whatever that is. Also an Elise. I know bot all about Lotuses (or is it Loti?)

  17. Yes, it was a fab engine, especially when built by Lotus Motorsport. The lightest engine in it's class at the time which is why they used it, and you know all this already Mr Severe :yum
  18. I've lost count how many head gaskets I've changed on um. But on the plus side one of the best handling cars I've ever driven.
  19. Never heard of one going on an S1 Exige, they were built correctly and upgraded by Lotus unlike the S1 Elise. Handling is spot on, allowing an S1 Exige to win the Australian Group 1 Sportscar Championship against Lambo's, Fezza's and even a F1 McLaren :sob:
    Alas Mr Severe is on a wind up mission, but he too loves them dearly :blush:
  20. I do like a Lotus but for some reason it’s mandatory for drivers to wear these accessories in all circumstances.

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