Almeria Tips Before I Go!!!

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  1. I believe my bike will be in that as im there next week. Complete track novice on a bike, first one ever
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  2. How'd it go then OP?
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  3. Quick review:

    Absolutely loved Almeria and what an experience for a first track day.

    First day I spent with Andrew Pitt and that was one hell of an eye opener. Brilliant mentor and great feedback which set me up for the weekend.

    The hotel was great for a 3* and with breakfast included was a bonus. Child friendly. We went to a few restruants over the long weekend and they were lovely quiet and welcoming.

    For the first time on a EU track day Focused events could of been a bit more helpful to begin with looking after the new comers as there was no direction on where or what to do. Once we found out what was happening we took care of our selves and made the most of it! Loved every second and I've now booked mugello in August. Can't wait.

    Also managed to make it from novice to intermediate on the first day and I have no sliders left!!! Not bad for first time and only passing my test a couple of months ago!

    Also the bike was faultless.

    So if anyone fancy ago deffiently go for it you'll love it!

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  4. I've just done my first track day at Castle Combe this week. My advice... Build everything up slowly throughout the first day. Small steps will boost confidence and the ability to absorb that knowledge after each session.

    The difference between my first session and last session was night and day.

    I'm addicted now and booked two double track days for May and June. :)

    The Mrs even got told there's a few hundred quid a month going in the track day kitty now... Slapped arse and face comes to mind! Ha
  5. Glad you guys enjoyed it :) Say good bye to spare cash!! Max - if you manage to escape Kernow and need a place to stop over for you (and your lady) you're welcome to stop over here in west London as long as you bring me a Philps Pasty.
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  6. We've booked up for Imola and Mugello. We've been avoiding Focused Events for a while as they are a UK admin nightmare but couldn't resist the Italian GP so giving them another chance :)
  7. Cheers Dave, I'll keep that in mind but 'her in doors' is most definitely staying put in Cornwall. She's already wormed her way on to my surfing trips to Portugal. Haha. Love her really!

    What track days or races have you planned over the next few months? I may tag along for a session or three.

    I'll bring you a 'Cornish Oven' pasty for a blind taste test against Philps.
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  8. Go try one with Redline. Much better and friendly organisation :)
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