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Discussion in 'Touring' started by Biot, Jul 2, 2024.

  1. Having a ride through from Calais to lake Como; not on the Pani but the Panzer.
    Visited this place.
    Wow. Hundreds of very interesting bikes. Rocket Ron’s Elf 500 was great. Too many to list all here. Then up & over the Stelvio; as you do. Would recommend it to everyone.







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  2. Looks amazing
  3. It is. Great roads to and from. So much rubber necking at the scenery you are in great danger of getting to the bottom of the valley extremely quickly:p
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  4. Isn’t that the place that burned down a few years back?

    On my to do list.
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  5. It is. Though you’d never guess it had. Doesn’t even smell of smoke:D
    Restaurant there does good food too.
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  6. Thanks for the tip, we're going to Austria in August. That's now on the to-do list
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  7. Superb roads, though I do like the quieter Timmelsjoch between Austria and Italy, links nicely on to the Jaufenpass.
    There is also a little known pass off the Stelvio, the Umbrail pass. Downside is that it goes in to Switzerland, now on my avoid list due to the killjoys running the country!
    Was at the motorcycle museum last year, great road and a fantastic place to visit too.
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  8. Consider the Grossglockner too. Though make sure the weather is decent, as it is little fun when cold and wet, worse with snow! Even in July..
    If you make it in to the Italian Dolomites, then the Giau pass is one of the most scenic.

    …and if coming in to Austria from the west, you can start the fun early with the Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse. Beats sitting on the motorway.
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  9. May do a bit of that on way back:upyeah:Now based on shore of lake Como for a week. May look at some Guzzi’s as it’s only down the road,
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  10. Try to take a ferry across to Bellagio, it’s beautiful. Speaking from personal experience, enjoy every minute of your rides around there as returning to riding in the UK was inevitably disappointing for me.
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  11. That is outstanding - it looks really well made.

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  12. A few more:upyeah:








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  13. Cool pics. Now lets see what you've been eating.
  14. Cool trip! :cool:

    I was round there near lake Como week before last and the weather was very strange. Mostly cloudy during the day with highs of 28° then thunderstorms just about every evening. Any better now?
  15. Typical summer Alps weather, this. Some fairly dangerous thunderstorms in the end of the afternoon, with loads of lightnings and super heavy rains. Dangerous for hikers, alpine climbers, paragliders, canyoning, rafting, etc…People get killed every year. Especially in August…
  16. Very hot today & a bit humid. Storms forecast over weekend. Stayed in Verdun on way down and had massive thunderstorms in the evening. Rain was heavy enough to collapse the wind out awning we were having dinner under by the river:astonished:
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  17. We had the same problem with thunderstorms in Troyes last week, just settled in for dinner and the next moment it was like a scene from Twister!
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  18. Tapas in centre of Lecco. Train from Olcio was dirt cheap; can get ticket online or at stations, or on train.
    Not a hugely tourist hotspot but lake shore & places to eat all fine & dandy.

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  19. Como is fantastic. Astonishing to think that the Italians used to race round those roads on the lakeside when they were gravel and not tarmac.
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  20. Very much restricted to 50kph all around the lake these days. Hardly surprising if you have ridden or driven through some of the towns & villages. How they get coaches through some of the narrow roads is a miracle!
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