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Alternatives to the Genuine Ducati Parts!

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Rob, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Alternatives to the genuine Ducati parts

    Here is a list of non-standard parts which have been suggested in good faith as alternatives to the genuine Ducati parts, which can be scarce, expensive, and some may be obsolete. Some information is only hearsay, so I cannot guarantee that the suggested part is actually going to fit. It is important to note that these suggestions have not been approved by anyone, certainly not the Ducati Factory who would presumably prohibit such fitment, void your warranty, and would possibly ban you from entry to their museum if they were to find out. If anyone decides to use non-standard components on their own bike it is of course entirely at their own risk in view of the lack of guarantees or assurances. If in doubt, seek the guidance of a qualified motorcycle engineer regarding the changes you are considering. The mentioning of any manufacturers should not be interpreted as an endorsement. Many of the parts listed are from foreign vehicles and while they may only be obtained from overseas, chances are that they may be easier to obtain (and a hell of a lot cheaper) than original Ducati parts.
    If you have used alternative parts on your Ducati and can add to this list, your input would be greatly appreciated, and on the other hand, if you find any of the parts listed to be incorrect, please let me know, so I can amend the list accordingly.

    Good luck!

    Filters, air, oil and fuel
    The air filter for the 1992-98 900ss/851/888 is the same as fitted to a Porsche 924. Dimensions are: 211 x 211 x 57. Purflex A515 (K & N equivalent: 33-2003, Mann-Hummel filter part number P12210).
    Fuel filters: BMW K100RS part number: 13 32 1 461 265 (8mm) or 16142325859, Purolator F20011, AC GF61, Fram G2, Motorcraft FG-2, Wix 33032, CarQuest E2036 (mid-80's Ford Ranger. Fram part number G2). For the 916: Mahle KL 24/1, approximately 10-15 mm longer than the stock item, it has a 50mm diameter.
    The 1994 750SS has a FIAAM FT 4648 fuel filter fitted as standard, here are some equivalents; A.L. ALG-6/8; Lautrette ELE1990; Chamption L101; Purolator F57608; Ryco/G.U.D MF-1; Fram G 12-1; Tecnocar B 7; GIF ES 77; UFI 31.001.00
    Oil filters for belt-drive engines: same as fitted to Citroen 2CV & Peugeot 205 & 309 - UFI part number (23.105.00) corresponds with; AC Delco FX0011 (was X4A); Motorcraft EFL 47; Champion H101; NAPA: 1352 (1352NAPA and 551352 on the box); Cooper Z64; Powertrain FL125; Fiaam FT4654, FT 4847 or PA7059; Purflux LS187; Fram PH6074 (was PH2839, PH2864A); Purolator ML16829C (was FC 103 or OC 5); Halfords HOF216; Tecafilter Ref OC5; K & N KN-153; Technocar R12, R72, R434; Knecht OC 5 (equivalent to Ducati #065149960 and #090549960); TJ FB2094; Mann & H W712/9, W712/11; Unipart GFE 201.
    Before using any of the above please be aware, early 650 Cagivas with Ducati engines sometimes do not accept the 2CV car filter, the threads differ. In this instance you will probably find that the following 3/4" UNF thread) will fit;
    TJ filters: FB5311 and Fram: PH4482. The Fram filter is slightly longer and means you have to leave off the sump guard (Elefant), or make spacers.
    Oil filters for bevel-twins: made by Meiwa for Kawasaki KLR250 & Z250 (Kawasaki part no. 16099-004 = Champion X310 and Fram CH6070) FBN OL1.01403.
    GT Replacement Air Filters - 0615.27. 275 * FIAAM FL 6179 * FIAT Part # 4110530 * RYCO A134

    Brakes & Wheels
    Recent model 900 SS bikes have the same size front brake disc rotors (320mm) as the Yamaha XJ1200, FZR1000 Exup and Genesis, YZF1000, FZR 750 Genesis, SZR 660 and TZR 250 but check that the Yamaha carriers have the same offset as the Ducati carriers.
    Spiegler floating brake discs 300mm, are the same for: Yamaha TRX 850, 4KN, 4UN, TDM 850, 3VD, 4CM, FZR 600, 3RH, 3HE, FZR 600 R, 4JH / MH / MM. Once again, check that the disks have the same offset as the Ducati carriers
    Ducati 907ie Brakes, ZDM906PI2, 900SS Bj. 88-90, ZDM906SC, Moto Guzzi 1000 Daytona Type KL.
    Brembo front brake handlebar assembly - Yamaha FJ1200/FZR1000, Kawasaki ZX7-6 (Nissan remote reservoir, 5/8 inch (15.9mm) part number 43015-1392), Suzuki GSXR 750/1100 1990 to 1996, Honda CBR 900.
    Grimeca 180 mm double-sided front drum brake from the early Benelli 250 2C (or equivalent Moto Guzzi 250) is the same as the later Ducati singles. The lugs on the fork where the torque arms engage appear to be identical to those on the early Ducati forks (the one with metal gaiters of the MK3 and the one with rubber gaiters of the SCR). Since the bolts that hold the mudguard are very small (6 mm) the torque arms embrace the aluminium lug behind the bolt and are kept in place by the mudguard's lugs.
    Paso speedo drive hub: same as Aprillia RS125.
    WHEEL BEARINGS - for 18 inch Borranis and FPS alloy mags
    SKF 63004-2RS (size 20 42 16)
    BRAKE PADS for F08: (Brembo) D=07.2256.30
    Galfer 013 G1532

    Carburettors and fuel system
    Parts for Mikuni 38 mm constant pressure carburettors mounted on current Ducati models such as the Monster or Supersport are also available at Yamaha dealers because the TDM 850 uses the same. Rubber inlet "pipes" for the carb to manifold junction on the 750F1 or 36 mm
    89 900 and Paso with Webber carburetor, parts and overhaul kits are available from auto shops, also high velocity air filters to replace the standard air boxes well as the small filter to fit the crankcase breather.
    Paso Dellorto carb conversions. Ski-Doo/Bombadier Snowmobile part # 570-134600 is a near perfect match, the important internal "rubber washer" that mates the carb and manifold is spot on.
    888 engine speed and position sensors - Fiat Tipo SEN 8D
    907 ie. throttle position sensor (potentiometer), type PF09, is also used in Alfa Romeo 33 ie
    Fuel pumps: Ducati 888 item made for Ducati by Walbro (their part number 5CA305-3 (or 5CA305-2 for the white box).
    906 Paso: Facet FSE574A. 907ie: Bosch part number: 0 580 463 999.

    Bevel friction plates - Suzuki GSF400
    Clutch hub bearing: 6201 32 x 12 x 10 (OD, ID, thick). Get a 2RS/1C3. It's a standard electric motor bearing, sealed on both sides.
    Clutch slave piston seal: "Quad Ring" part number Q4210-560ND I believe that they need to be made of ethylene propylene (EP).
    There is also a Honda part that will fit, part number: 06431-MA3-405. Sorry, I have no information as to which model it is from, it is a square-section seal.
    Clutch thrust bearings: If you have a dry clutch with a 28.5 mm diameter piston fitted with a ball race for the thrust bearing, you will probably find that SKF bearing 630/8-2RS1 will fit, sizes are:
    Outside diameter: 22 mm
    Inside diameter: 8 mm
    Width: 11 mm

    Late bevel fuse box - 'Durite' with spade fuses for direct replacement, part number: 0234 24.
    Front brake light switch (hydraulic) for older models can be replaced by a brake light switch from Volkswagen (Beetle for example), Audi etc. The only difference is the threads, which are conical which means that the washer is not needed.
    Oil pressure switch for some early belt-drive late models - Volkswagen Polo. For newer Ducati models (original Ducati code 539.4.030.1A and 539.4.019.1A) - Opel Agila 1000cc. The General Motors code is 90.534.902.
    Paso 750 and 906 Marelli ignition coils appear similar to first model of Fiat Uno.
    Paso Digiplex ignition unit appears similar to that fitted to Lancia Thema 16V, Fiat Croma 1600 & Moto Guzzi Nevada 750.
    Regulator/rectifier - Honda CB250/400N Superdream, CM450 or CX500 (Shindengen part number: SH 232 127 - for many non-fuel injected Ducatis).
    Starter solenoid and flasher relay for two-valve twins - Rover/British Leyland Mini/1100
    The coils on the Kokusan electrics on the Montjuich, Laguna Seca and Santamonica are the same as on the Suzuki 400 GSX E.
    BATTERY - electric start twins:
    Westco SVR20 sealed gel battery is smaller than stock, 18 AH, 300+ CCA
    Darmah battery - (same dimensions as fitted to Reliant Robin) Varta 53030 12v 30 AH 180A - Sears Die-hard Gold, garden tractor battery, 96135, Group U1, 325 CCA.

    Starter system
    Darmah starter motor brushes: (BMW?) part number SBR 5830
    Hailwood replica (Mille) starter motor - Suzuki GS400-425-450 or 500 models.
    Monster starter relay: Hella 4RA 003 510-131.
    Paso starter solenoid (standard fitment) = Hitachi 12V MS 5A-181.
    Bevel-twins sprag clutch: Rover car part number is 22A716. Please note that the outside diameter of the cage that holds the segments together needs to be turned down to 65.5mm.
    900ss, 906 Paso, Pantah engine starter sprag clutch: LC4 Freewheel bearing KTM Part No.58440026000. I just fitted one of these to the 906 Paso project, and it cost less than half the price of the original Ducati part.

    Darmah headlight: a little cheaper as BMW H4 headlight glass /seal /rim.
    Indiana headlight: Yamaha Virago 535 and V-Max 1200
    89 900ss headlight can be replaced with a Hella Halogen insert part No. 1042 (or 1042a if you wish to have a parking globe)
    Monster headlight glass: BMW R100S, part no. 63121358147. Bosch part numbers for Monster headlight glass & reflector (not available separately from Ducati) are 1305604904 (Glass) and 1305304903 (Reflector)
    Pantah light lenses: the front flashers built in the fairing are the same as mounted in old Fiat 850's front bumper.
    Tail light for Pantah 500 and 600 models are the same as mounted on former Puch 50cc mopeds.
    Paso headlamp: Yamaha FZ750 of 1985/6 - Koyoto part number 110-31420
    750 Paso, 906 Paso, 907 i.e. Ducati Part Number 037032600 Headlamp Make CEV
    907 i.e. Ducati Part Number 037032210 Headlamp Make Koyoto

    Engine parts
    Paso 906/ 900 Supersport timing belts (round tooth) = Gates powergrip 5297-070x18mm.
    Valve Adjuster Nuts & Bolts (860/900cc non desmo heads)
    Vite registro (screw) ~ D=0500.92.660 - Porsche 901.105.370.02
    Dado esagonale (nut) 8MB x 4 ~ D=0062.54.241 - Porsche 999.034.005.00
    750 VALVE STEM SEALS: D=0755.92.150
    The black valve stem seals with the circular springs and firm sides from the first 500 bevel twin motors can be replaced by a General Motors part GM 902 15296. These are a perfect fit on the longer exhaust guide, but need a little bit of sealant on the shorter guide to ensure adhesion.
    COUNTERSHAFT SPROCKET NUTS - all bevel twins:
    GUK7 SKF nut. It’s a nylock version - get rid of the tab washer.
    Another option; It's a standard locknut, as made by bearing companies. Part number (FAG) is KM7 The associated locking tab washer is MB7
    More Info: KM7 sprocket nut (Ducati p/n 0755.16.055) is used on GT, Sport, squarecase SS & Darmah. 900S2 and Mille have different number (76800.3380). I don't know what the difference is. The same lockwasher MB7 is used on all. Looks like KM7, MB7 are universal bearing company codes: SKF & FAG both use them.
    OIL PLUG WASHERS - all bevels: M22mm standard copper oil drain plug

    Handlebars, switchgear, instruments and mirrors
    916 handlebar plugs are much more expensive (but identical to) 600 Monster equivalents.
    Bevel Drive 900 models (Darmah, Darmah SS, SS) with Nippon-Denso handle bar switchgear is the same as on similar year GS series Suzukis.
    Handlebar switches on the current SS models - Honda XBR500. Right-hand handlebar switches for 748/916 - Honda Fireblade
    Mirror assemblies for the current SS models. Honda CBR600 is also a close fit.
    For the M900/M600 'Busch and Muller' part number BM926/37, similar appearance and better visibility. "Baby Turbo" made by Vitaloni are another alternative. Emgo mirrors for some Kawasaki ZX models will fit.
    For the Paso and 907, mirror assemblies from the Cagiva freccia C12R will not fit. Although they look similar, they are NOT interchangeable.
    750 Sport Instrument clamps - 1980 BMW automotive air cleaner intake hose clamps.
    750 GT Handlebars - Magura Eurobend BMW style handlebar.
    Paso clock can be replaced by fitting the printed circuit board from some Fiat models such as the Mirafiori, Tipo and Jaeger.
    Paso ignition switch - Gilera 125 SP01

    Key blanks
    Ducati key blanks - Moto Guzzi (Zadi), Vespa or Kawasaki also worth trying Fiat key blank number FT-37 (was: F79-1). Yugo: (Ilco # YU2 X167 for boot/trunk), S2 key blanks; steering - Silca ZD11P, ignition - Silca AF5D, seat lock - Silca NE31. For the Darmah: Taylor blank # F69H or F69F. For 1980 900SS: ILCO (made in Canada) F91H/F69H (Original key says "BG" on the rubber part and "H3" stamped on the key itself. For the 750 Paso: JMA F161 (ignition) & Silca CE7 (seat). For the 906 Paso: Ilco FT46 X152 (ignition) and Ilco 9978 (seat). For the 907i.e. A blank from a 'Hinckley' Triumph has worked OK.

    Paint Codes
    Paint (touch-up): early belt-drive SS models - Ford Radiant red or Hycote Nissan red 526. 748 yellow: Colorite 7560U. On the official Ducati website the colour is listed as PPG 473.201 (PPG is the US based manufacturer of the original paint), very close to Fiat 268 (Giallo Bus). From Lechler in Italy: red 906 Paso (1989): Rosso 65205

    Suspension and Steering
    Fork seals for Showa GD011 equipped bikes are standard 41mm ID x 54mm OD x 11mm seals as found on Suzuki RGV250 (1991 onwards) and Honda NX650. The rear suspension unit for the 750F1 shares its dimensions with the 748/916 unit.
    Up-side down fork bushes (inner fork leg diameter is 41 mm), the bushing that goes on to the inner fork leg (slide bushing?) = Suzuki part number 51121-28C00 (Suzuki GSXR1100 '90-). The one that sits in the outer fork tube (guide bushing?) = Suzuki part no. 51152-08D00 (Suzuki GSXR750 '92-'93).
    38mm Ceriani FORK SEALS: (Ceriani) 0540.78.360
    YAMAHA YZ-250 3EN-231 45-00 or YZ-400 1W4-23145-LO
    these are non stock replacements - 38 x 50 x 8 so use ONE per leg not two
    38 x 50 x 7 is original, use 2 per leg as per original
    38mm Ceriani fork seal retainer circlips:
    '86-'87 Honda VFR 700 or '87-'90 CBR600 - easier to remove and install than stock
    STEERING HEAD BEARINGS - all bevels:
    CBF 426-R or SKF 639174 (26 x 52 x 15)

    Spark plugs
    900 SS motor: Champion L86C-MCB (stock #306 or #306C)
    1981-79 900SD L-86-C
    1982-80 900SS L-82-C
    1980-77 900GT,GTS L-86-C
    1981-79 Darmah, SSDarmah L-86-C
    860,860 GTS L-86-C
    All plug gaps 0.60mm
    860 GT, Electric,860 GTS W8AC W8AP (Platinum)
    900S, 900 Darmah W7AC W7AP
    900SS, Desmo W5BC W5AP W5AS (Silver Sport)
    All plug gaps 0.50mm
    Nippon Denso (Hot-U)
    Ducati 900 SS, GTS, Darmah W22FS-U W22FS-GU W22FS-ZU
    Ducati 864 SS Desmo Darmah W20FP-U
    Ducati 860, 860 GT W20FS-U W20FS-GU W22FS-ZU
    Ducati 900 SS, GTS, Darmah Plug gap 0.80mm
    All others 0.60mm

    Ikon Suspension
    350 Desmo 72-76 7610-1330
    500 LD / SL Pantah 78-85 7610-1330
    600 TL / SL Pantah 81-85 7610-1330
    650 SL Pantah 85-86 7610-1330
    750 GT / Sport 72-75 7610-1330
    750 / Super Sport 72-76 7610-1250SP5
    750 Indiana 89-90 7610-1397
    860 GT / GTS 75-79 7610-1418
    900 GTS 75-79 7610-1418
    900 SD Darmah 78-85 7610-1418
    900 SS 75-77 7610-1250SP5
    900 SS 78-82 7610-1418
    900 Replica 79-84 7610-1418
    900 S2 Desmo 83-85 7610-1418
    1000 S2 Desmo 83-85 7610-1418

    Well nuts: 1/4 S Metric USM #347103 Well Nut 6mm (.015-.111 grp)
    Workshop Manuals; Haynes Ducati 600, 750 & 900 2-valve V-twins (91-96); Ducati 748, 916 & 996 4-valve V-twins (94-01)
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  2. Here's a bit more detail on the Darmah headlight & air filters

    Filters, air, oil and fuel
    K & N replacement for standard round Darmah (0960.91.815) air filter is DU-0202

    Headlight glass - Ducati 0801.38.275 = Bosch 1305604018
    Headlight reflector - Ducati 0801.38.270 = BMW 63121357919 = Bosch 1305304903
    Headlight rubber seal -Ducati 0801.38.277 = BMW 63121356403
    (BMW bits available from Motorworks Holmfirth)
  3. Wheel Bearing codes for an early (17mm spindle) M900

    Rear Wheel - 62203-2RS1/C3
    Sprocket Carrier - 6005-2RSH/C3
    Front Wheel - 6204-2RSH/C3

    For a early M600 (once again 17mm spindle)

    Rear Wheel - 6203-2RS1/C3
    Sprocket Carrier - 6005-2RSH/C3
    Front Wheel - 6204-2RSH/C3

    Note the rear wheel on the 600 has smaller diameter wheel bearings as it has a smaller wheel.
  4. Electrex World Limited - Electrical Parts for Motorcycles has plenty of aftermarket pats for Ducati's. Starter motors, brushes, rectifiers, regulators and much more.
    They also have much cheaper cdi units that are just as good.
    However there is another option for cdi units, ignitech fully programmable unit. One unit replaces a pair of cdi's.

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  5. Ducati carb models 600 750 900.
    For a quick action throttle use throttle assy and cable from a SSie, St2 St4 916 996. etc
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  6. Bosh Fuel pump.......
    Bosh part number 0580 453 408

    for 748 916 996 ST's 620 750 900 ssie (can be used on SS carb but you need the connector for the loom)
    Toyota Corrolla 1998-2002 ( Toyota p/n 23211-46070 & 23221-21020)
    Mazda 626 1992-1994

    Aftermarket: IFP Indiana 912 or GE 043
  7. oil filters

    norton commando mk111 and harley 1980-84 fit ducati ss and monster engines
  8. 996R-998 (and maybe other later models), ecu plugs from Fiat punto (same body magneto marelli iaw 59m unit). Thanks o Anth for this.
  9. Those hugely for-no-reason-expensive timing belts needs alternatives!

    I found Flennor alternative belts for my 916 at desmoworld.com and used them for a season of trackday racing with no problems. As you can see from this PICTURE of the actual packaging (left) they are standard Renault belts (Renault part no. 7700736969), you should be able to get them even cheaper (and use at your own risk off course).

    I have sold the 916 and bought a 999 trackbike and guess what? The belts are even more expensive than they were on the 916 :eek:
    Some are selling DAYCO 089 SP 210 H belts (Dayco part no. 94931) but I haven't found these belts on any car yet.


    [TABLE="class: style4"]

  10. Not sure if this is any good? $50 each from the US, plus postage, etc

    Cycleworks ExactFit Timing Belt(each) for Ducati 999/749/998, 07+S4R, S4Rs | ca-cycleworks.com

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  11. Holy smokes, have you seen what main bearings for a 999 cost?

    I have just trashed both 999S main bearings on the track and I am rebuilding the engine with all 7 bearings and piston rod bearings while it's open and it will cost me practically the same cash a getting a complete, used engine :eek:

    Alternatives would be very nice!

  12. Ducati Main Bearings Should fit 748-Onwards. See link.

    You might find this link of interest £65 for both bearings.

    Below is an extract from my invoice for my engine rebuild you can see the comparative Ducati prices.

    Special Offers

    [TABLE="class: cms_table, width: 603"]
    [TD]Ducati big end shell[/TD]
    [TD]Ducati main bearing LH[/TD]
    [TD]Ducati main bearing sleeve LH[/TD]
    [TD]Ducati main bearing RH[/TD]
    [TD]Ducati main bearing shim[/TD]
  13. Thanks for compiling the list above fellow members, i have a query about the following items for a 1000ds which shares the same with all 1000 1100 2 valve motors, all help appreciated. Have used DAYCO and Gates belts on my other Ducati's.

    Ducati part no 44440035A Oil Cartridge
    73740211A Timing belts
    42610191A Air filter
    42540041B Fuel filter
    67040351A Spark plugs

    Looking forward to hearing from you all
  14. Well this should help out in finding Dayco belts part number for some of the models.

    Dayco Web Catalogue
  15. Thanks mate
  16. That was easy now finding someone who sales Dayco belts for bikes in UK .....
  17. Oil filter k&n 153 or mahle oc-5 are considered viable alternatives, if not better (tad cheaper)
    Plugs - NGK DCR8EIX (cheap)
    Air Filter - K&N BMC Pipercross (depends on year) (?)
    Fuel Filter - Mahle KL 145 (05-07??) OE generally the same money (ish)

    Courtesy of planet ebay
  18. Ok I have looked at belts on Dayco website and extracted all 2V models to excel sheet. Two sheets one sorted as per Dayco website and one I sorted using smae date but according to Ducati part number that Dayco provides.

    Anyone in know could maybe have a look and verify if same belts actually fit all those models? Even if buying original Ducati it is something worth knowing as belts for Mosnter 620ie are cheaper then for 800ie yet are the same ;)

    I need to now find Dayco dealer.


    There are few other bits in there
  19. For 900 fuel pumps call Glencoe.co.uk . Very helpful and approx half the price of main dealers. Order on phone to save post and packing costs.
  20. Correction to my last post. Website is glencoeltd.co.uk
    Call them if you need a fuel pump for an SS or SL. Could not be more helpful!
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