Amazon Silly Speaky Thing

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Arquebus, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Well, that was an education - NOT!

    From being told to shut up every five minutes because it kept asking about things it had heard in conversation, as far as I can ascertain, it served no useful purpose.

    It couldn't even play two record tracks that I suggested the owner instruct it to do - and one track it found, it was only a clip.

    Computery thing says "NO".

    Do you know what? It can't even go outside and get a basket of logs for the woodburner.

    Bl**dy daft thing.

    Why TF anyone would want one, I can't possibly compute.

    BTW - I am pissed and I am bl**dy enjoying it - the news of Paddy Ashdown dropping off the planet had me go backwards for a few days.
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  2. i have the old analogue version . I call it "the wife" It seems to be about as much use as the amazon thing ,as when i ask it to do something for me it tells me to feck off.
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  3. Gave it a like for the fact you are on the piss :upyeah:
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  4. Well if ducati phone up and say your V4 is ready for collection, you can blame the device.
    Fu knit, I'm ordering one
  5. I’ve four indoors and two in out buildings.
    If you live in an area with zero light pollution and neighbours they are brilliant for turning lights on and heaters in the otherwise pitch black.
    The “spots” are great for seeing who’s at the Gates just by asking.
    Configured right they are useful.
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  6. Arquebus you need one of these to get your logs. Then if you can’t walk due to intoxicating liquid injection it can carry you to the loo!
  7. I got one for Christmas - have managed to download the app onto my phone, but personal ipad is too old for the app to work. Haven't got a smart TV, heating, lights or door so it is pretty much a way of getting the weather forecast and buying stuff (from Amazon). I've managed to bluetooth it to the Bose speaker but not sure for what reason?
    Time will tell (I was the same about carbs and fuel injection)
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  8. I refuse to have them. Apple, Amazon, google know way too much about me already without listening in on every conversation and reporting the data back
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  9. Totally agree .
    I keep getting ads about busty single russian women and carbon bike parts . WTF?
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  10. We went smart this year.
    Use it for security lighting, access control cameras, intercom and music.
    Weather, phone interface. ... great bit of kit.
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  11. It's about damned time we had a "Drunk Thread" here on the Forums.
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  12. We have loads. It's just they're not labelled as such normally by the OP's as they are ratted :)
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  13. Better than carbon Russian Women and Busty bike parts...
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  14. It doesn’t really do a great deal unless you have an Amazon Prime account which lets you play music.
    With other stuff added it’s good fun. We have Hue lights, Harmony remote, plug sockets etc. For me then it’s a bit of fun.
    Can be useful with the lights etc.
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  15. I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.
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  16. I have an echo thingy
    It’s an expensive radio :)
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  17. Get Spotify, tell Alexa to play "whatever" on Spotify and to connect to Bluetooth speaker. Make playlists through Spotify on phone or tablet. Hey presto, a fantastic, play anything sound system, multiroom or eve outside bbq. Enjoy!
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  18. I use an air rifle for all of those, Paul.

    Well, only when I want to turn them off.......;)
  19. I have no intention of ever having a machine that I need to speak at! For a start it wouldn't understand my Scottish accent. Have you ever tried getting through one of those voice recognition menus on a telephone with a non-standard english voice? Drives me up the bloody wall.
    I'd also feel like a right pratt talking to a machine. Not for me thanks
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  20. Gerrid upya swine echo bastard :upyeah:
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