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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Arquebus, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. When my fingers don't work anymore, like it seems loads of peoples have; I will just tell Mrs Arq to switch things On and Off - actually I do tell her anyway, including Shut Up.
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  2. I think all the Luddites should throw away the remote controls for their TVs and switch the channels manually, and while we are at it do the same for the car, open it with a key and then lean over and unlock each door by hand. :)
    Perhaps you only want some technology, but want nothing new, that is a sign of old age. :D
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  3. Good luck with the new French laws that will be its making it illegal to protest against the govt (without a permit FPMSL); tomorrow, its knocking on your door because you said something negative about the ruling body and Alexa told them..
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  4. Wait - you don't think other governments will follow (or already have) China's example of face recognition? So then all they would need is a recording system in everyones home...
  5. Really? shock.png
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  6. That is so funny. Germany has had a law against protest without a permit since the 1980's! The UK probably has one, I believe that you need to notify some councils in the UK should you want to ride motorcycles in a group of three or more. I have never felt the need to protest in my life before so should I give a $hit? If I even thought that there was more freedom in the UK then I would very quickly move back there as is my right.
    If Google, or whoever really want to listen in to my conversations with my garage lights or my ceiling fan, then let them get on with it, they won't find it very interesting. : unamused:: unamused:
  7. Record it. Forget its there.then don’t listen after a couple of hours: just post it and link it here. That would be a decent test ;)

    Uk isn’t quite that bad (yet) as you can do what you like as long as you dont stop....more than 2 people can be considered a gang and moved on...hoodies are to blame. ;)

    Macron will have your adopted lot lose all their sovereignty in no time at all. And the first lot to be rounded up and dispatched to the Gulag will be ex-pat Brits ;)
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