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An Exclusive Ducati E-mtb Ready For Its Debut At Eicma 2018

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by El Toro, Nov 1, 2018.

    • The Ducati MIG-RR - an exclusive enduro e-mtb to complete the new 2019 range - will soon be taking centre-stage at the Ducati World Première and on the Ducati stand at EICMA 2018
    • The project is the result of a collaboration between Ducati and Thok Ebikes, with design and graphics by Aldo Drudi's D-Perf and the support of the Ducati Design Center
    • The Ducati Ebike will be available in Ducati stores across Europe starting from spring 2019
    Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 1 November 2018 - On Sunday 4 November 2018 the Ducati World Première in Milan (streamed live worldwide on www.ducati.com starting at 19.00) will unveil, in addition to the latest Ducati models for 2019, the new Ducati e-mtb, the MIG-RR, an enduro born out of close collaboration with Italian company Thok Ebikes.

    E-mountainbikes let cyclists take on climbs that, without the motor boost, wouldn't be possible and, at the same time, they allow everyone to live the off-road on two wheels in total freedom. E-mtbs sales are booming worldwide. Ducati has now entered this market segment relying on the experience of a specialized company, Thok Ebikes, born from the passion of the BMX and Down Hill champion Stefano Migliorini.

    The Ducati MIG-RR, which will make its public debut on the Ducati stand at EICMA 2018 (Fiera Milano Rho, 8-11 November), is a true high-end e-mtb developed by Thok Ebikes specialists in close collaboration with Aldo Drudi's D-Perf and the Ducati Design Center.

    While the new Ducati e-mtb is an offshoot of the popular MIG series produced by Thok, it features some unique technical solutions: wheels with different diameters and suspension set-ups with different degrees of wheel travel (29" and 170 mm at the front, 27.5" and 160 mm at the rear) make it a true enduro that meets the needs of even the most demanding rider.

    With high-level components such as FOX Factory Kashima suspension, carbon fibre Renthal handlebars, Mavic wheels, 4-caliper Shimano Saint brakes and an 11-speed Shimano XT gear set, the MIG-RR features a Shimano Steps E8000 motor - which puts out 250 Watts with a torque of 70N - powered by a 504 Wh battery. The battery is positioned underneath the down tube. The resulting low barycentre makes the Ducati MIG-RR an easy-to-ride yet precise bike even on the toughest terrain.

    The Ducati MIG-RR will be distributed throughout Europe via the Ducati dealership network starting from spring 2019. It can also be ordered online at www.ducati.com from January 2019 onwards.

    KP s.r.l. - THOK EBIKES
    Founded in 2016, KPsrl - owner of the Thok Ebikes brand - builds and markets high-end pedal-assist bicycles.

    KPsrl is a member company of the TCN Group based in Alba (CN, Italy), a hub encompassing nine firms operating in the mechanical and food sectors that employs over 400 people (TCN Mechanical Division, precision machining - TCN Vehicles Division, car and motorcycle components - Bianco spa, design and construction of textile machinery - Bianco Engineering, design and construction of packaging machines - Galup, panettoni and baked confectionery products - Pasticceria Cuneo, gluten-free confectionery products, Golosi di Salute, wellness confectionery products - Mandrile Melis, chocolate).

    In 2017 Thok Ebikes launched its first e-mtb on the European market. Called MIG, it was designed by Aldo Drudi's D-Perf and developed by former BMX world champion and international Down Hill pro Stefano Migliorini, now CEO of KP srl.

    Thok bikes are sold exclusively online at www.thokebikes.com. They can be delivered to your door or collected at any Thok Point (bicycle or motorcycle stores that can provide assistance and organise pre-purchase test rides). The current Thok Ebikes range consists of the MIG-ST, MIG and MIG-R, all of which mount the Shimano Steps E8000 motor/battery system.

    Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. - A Sole Shareholder Company - A Company subject to the Management and Coordination activities of AUDI AG
    Founded in 1926, since 1946 Ducati has been manufacturing sport-inspired motorcycles characterised by high-performance Desmodromic engines, innovative design and cutting-edge technology. With its factory located in Bologna’s Borgo Panigale district, in 2016 Ducati celebrated 90 years since it was founded. The model range covers several market segments with the following families: Diavel, Hypermotard, Monster, Multistrada, SuperSport and Panigale. In 2015 Ducati presented the Ducati Scrambler: a new brand made of bikes, accessories and apparel that provide the last word in creativity and self-expression. These authentic icons representing what the world knows as “Made in Italy”, together with an extensive range of associated accessories and technical and lifestyle apparel, are distributed in 90 countries globally. In 2017 Ducati delivered 55,871 bikes to customers, continuing the growth trend of the last eight years. Ducati competes in both the World Superbike and MotoGP World Championships. In Superbike, Ducati has won 17 Manufacturers' titles and 14 Riders' titles. Ducati has been competing in MotoGP since 2003, winning both the Manufacturers' and Riders' titles in 2007.
  1. I know, but I thought I’d post it up anyway.

    I guess it was kind of expected seeing as dealers have been flogging Ducati cycling attire for the past couple of years.
  2. Well, it's news :worried:
  3. Certainly not history
  4. t8jtnhj4_ducati-mig-rr-electric-mountain-bike_625x300_31_October_18.jpg
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  5. E-mountain bikes are bloody awesome!
    Shredding a bike downhill and through forests is just as adrenaline inducing as riding a performance bike.

    I’m looking forward to some summer trips to the Alps on my push bike next year, although I’ve not got an e-bike and will be using the ski lift.
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  6. That’s not expensive for an eMTB.
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  7. You sir earn too much.
  8. If I was spending that kind of money on two wheels I’d want an engine included.
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  9. Is it not the case though that people that are seriously into this sort of thing would drop the money for a bona fide brand rather than a dubious marketing exercise? Personally I'd rather have something like an Orange / Norco / Santa Cruz than a BMW / Ducati / Land Rover job... same as with many other marketing tie-ups, it reeks of trying a bit too hard.

    Hasn't even got Ohlins...
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  10. 5K I would say.
    I remember a Ferrari radio controlled car made by Tamiya. You could buy it for £250 and build it yourself. Assembled, in a nice wood box from Ferrari is was £2k :joy:
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  11. And slower.
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  12. I didn’t say I’ve got one ;)

    Lot’s of innovation and exotic materials in mountain biking keeps the prices high.
  13. Yeah yeah... hater's gonna hate. :p
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  14. And you really believe that :eek:
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  15. yep, me too. Although we tend do do some xc (enduro) days where there are no lifts - on some trails I have to confess to getting off and pushing on some of the climbs. Still wouldn't buy an e-bike though.
  16. I don’t mind a big technical climb and XC, but downhill is where the funs at! I’ve been to Bike Park Wales and used the uplift service 3 times this year - awesome place.

    I don’t plan on getting an eBike quite yet, but the idea of going to the Alps, covering significantly more ground, and spending more time going downhill is very appealing. I had a go on one last year and it even turned steep techie climbs into an adrenaline pumping charge uphill!
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