And I'm Off.. I Really Am This Time

Discussion in 'Touring' started by chizel, May 3, 2019.

  1. loving it!!! more like a pub crawl with usable price index.:p
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  2. Your nav has a Crow setting :eek:
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  3. I don't think I have time... I'm not I a rush but have dragged my heels a bit so far... want to be in le mans tomorrow at a reasonable time.. that said, do you think it's far off my track?
  4. D816EFFC-D4DD-4BFB-BA23-4A99F22B33DF.png It’s saying 5 hours 20 in total - you’d need a couple hours there

    Maybe next time or get up early - it’s pretty harrowing it’s a preserved village that the Nazis destroyed along with the people
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  5. Agree re Oradour ,it’s a harrowing story but worth a visit if you can.
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  6. I agree with that, if it’s the one I’m thinking of. 1 litre of that at €15 and you’ll be well on the way :p
  7. Great thread Chiz, keep it going. Great to see the photos too. Puts my snapping rate to shame.

    Real shame, you’re on your way up west of France and we’re on our way down east/mid France.
    I’ve promised to be at friends near Avignon tomorrow so we’re going to miss each other. Would have been a hoot to meet.
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  8. Looks like there’s rain coming in Friday. :(
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  9. Nooooooooo!!!!!
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  10. In all that packaging on that scrambler and around your midriff surely you got a brolly?
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  11. It’s always raining in flipping France fella
  12. Great travel journal @chizel , I'm enjoying it.
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  13. Morning!!!
    Was up at sparrows fart this morn.
    Showered, dressed, packed and ready to get some breakfast..
    Then I opened the window.
    FREEZING!!! like 2 degrees or something..
    So I've been out for a stroll, had a few pastries and am having a coffee..
    They have a lil market going on.
    Not much there for me but I like a lil market! 1557990415327695527020.jpg
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  14. 20190516_083536.jpg 20190516_083547.jpg 20190516_083638.jpg stayed here last night...
    @£61 a bit more than I wanted to spend but there wasn't a lot else in the area...
    For a 3 star it's quite nice. Super clean and bike parking.
    Wandered around look for an evening meal but not a lot on offer ( probably in the wrong part of town) so I went to the hotel restaurant.
    Despite having an extensive menu, they only had the beef or burger going.
    No one else was having the beef so I went with the burger..
    Looked great!!! One bite and I found that the meat although browned on the outside was raw and cold in inside!!!
    Raw not rare!!! I don't mind rare..
    Anyhu they brought me another and it was good. Real good!!!
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  15. Yes yes yes yes yes , if you do , get the headset for the tour , cheap and well worth it .

    You could do a location pin on whatsap , screen shot and post it up on here , we' ll know precisely where you are .

    I'm enjoying this
  16. No and my wet weather gear is shit!!! In fact my left over glove lobster mitt thingy is in tatters...
    I 've not got much luggage I think...the bag on the seat is my clothes, one panier is wet weather gear, some tools, 2ltr petrol, chain and lock, gaffer tape. The other just has my ruck sack with lap top and go pro kit (I'll be wearing this later when I need space for hats and tee shirts!)
    The bum bag has toiletries, ciggies, small things I need to hand quickly and space to through nav and go pro in when I stop for stuff.
    I will treat yoal to some contents of my luggage pics at some point!!!
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  17. Don't forget the emergency waterproofs. I always carry a black bin bag to then cut head and arm holes and use as a waterproof jacket, Plus it keeps your raw burgers dry
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  18. I will have a look at this location pin thingy but if it takes more than 30 seconds to work out, it won't be happening!!!
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  19. French markets are just great:):upyeah:
    And, re the burger or any meat, 'bien cuit' is a term you need. Even if you ask for it well done it'll still turn up medium in France. They like their meat fresh and raw there:confused:
  20. Just had a nice chat with an old French couple that gave me half a cake in exchange for a ciggy!!
    They thought my Rossi shirt was for the revolution!!!
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