And I'm Off.. I Really Am This Time

Discussion in 'Touring' started by chizel, May 3, 2019.

  1. It’s the new phn :)
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  2. Just stopped for a cuppa at this lil place in the middle of nowhere..
    3 young french blokes were sitting at the bar... The all spoke English and had been to NZ.. popular again i was!!!
    What agreat start to the day...
    Talked and laughed for an hour..
    I wanted to stay ..
    IMG_20190612_112522.jpg IMG_20190612_112539.jpg IMG_20190612_112503.jpg
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  3. Looks like another popular place, is France empty.
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  4. Those three frenchies... I think you made that story up. Shirley you took a selfie with them? (...and don’t call me Shirley!)
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  5. This place is dead too!
    But beautiful... IMG_20190612_132535.jpg IMG_20190612_132704.jpg IMG_20190612_132604.jpg IMG_20190612_132637.jpg
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  6. IMG_20190612_132359.jpg IMG_20190612_132456.jpg IMG_20190612_132223.jpg IMG_20190612_132246.jpg
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  7. Are the pics ok? I will have to fire up the laptop to look properly..
    The chap at the phone shop said this had a good camera but it looks a bit out in Clarity on this screen...
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  8. IMG_20190612_101711.jpg they had a bull ring in nimes..
    Shame I didn t arrive earlier as the day before I got there was the end of a 4 day festival where the have a bull run n stuff....
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  9. Looks like your new phone has the same blemish on the left hand side of the screen as your old one :)
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  10. That's the sasague finger setting...
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  11. new phone camera is better than the old. However, give the lense a clean!
  12. :confounded:
  13. That’s not just any bull-ring. That’s a Roman amphitheatre!
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  14. That's not just any bullring, That's an M & S bullring
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  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Built to last:upyeah:,unlike the shite housing estates today:confused:
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  16. They're brilliant Chiz, keep taking them, much better:upyeah:. The only way we know it's you taking them is that the finger occasionally appears across half of them :)
  17. I think that's his head dude :D
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  18. This is the Bullring. I know, I grew up near there:(

    Also Ansells Brew11 was the first pint I ever drank legitimately :worried:
  19. Like the phone I've found my accomodation a lil confusing ..l I've spent the last hour convincing myself I'm no on drugs.
    My good mates bro lives in this city and he has given me a place to stay. .
    This place belongs to some Texan poof.,
    I mean proper mincer.,
    It's like something outta a Disney movie.,.
    I have just woke up and called my mate for assurance I'm the only one staying tonight ... The place is a lil unnerving
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