Andy Murray

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  1. Fan or not (I’m not, too miserable for me) you can’t doubt the guys commitment and effort in the success he’s had. A real role model in how to behave and what it takes to be the best when you may not have talent to be the best.
    2 times Wimbledon champion
    Multiple title winner
    Davis cup winner
    Olympic winner
    World no 1

    Happy retirement Murray: you deserve it :)
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  2. Agreed, despite him being a jock
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  3. I agree, a real sportsman with integrity.

    Djokovic, Nadal & Federer are all better players -and are less boring in interviews- but Murray came through and beat them all on his best days.

    I expect his last pro games will be in Oz. By Wimbledon he will be working for the Beeb.
  4. Bet it was fun in the Murray household, his mum looked a right laugh, he doesn’t think too much of England so he can fook off, Bjorn Borg for me I’m afraid or Jimmy connors although they might not have liked England either :joy:
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  5. aye, hates them so much he chose to marry one. but i think its fair to say Rodny Marsh is a bit of a bell end, not for any other reason than, he just is.
    well done Andy, you done good :upyeah:
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  6. fvck him, miserable monotone twat
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  7. andy_murray.jpg
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  8. Convince everyone you are a famous tennis player by taking your mum and girlfriend with you wherever you go!
  9. He took his mum to keep the flies occupied, sour faced hag
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  10. Superb player and it's a shame he has been stopped in his prime. :( I'm always amazed at his ability to return a serve that would have me hiding behind the umpire with a tin hat on.

    He's a winner, and as seen sometimes in this country, winners get stick for things other than their day job. Hamilton, Stoner, Marquez...... He'd have been more popular if he'd have never been the best in the world, like a plucky Scottish Tim Henman. :grinning:

    Anyway, I hope he pumps himself up with pain killers for Wimbledon and wins it again. :upyeah: I could even stomach the sight of Porky Chops waving The Saltire with his chins wobbling in the wind, for a few moments to see Murray bow out in style.
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  11. But you married one too :thinkingface:
    Well done lil Fin, you done good :upyeah:

    Just wish you lot wouldn't blubber so much :)
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  12. meh, he is an emotional guy. no biggy. but being one of the best sportsman the uk has ever seen does deserve a lil credit.
  13. Well done Fin :):upyeah:was it tiddly winks :p
  14. Bet he'll have a few quid in the bank, so no need to do much.
  15. I just hope to god we don’t have to suffer Judy bloody Murray for much longer. What a pain in the ass she is
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  16. And as devoid of personality as her son, unfortunately. Clearly very serious, driven people with little clue how to entertain others (which in their position they are often asked to do)
  17. His outward personality could send you to sleep or reaching for a razor blade but he has been one of our best tennis players for some time now and has achieved within his sport. Sad to see people who love their job have to stop it through illness/injury, but he's got a few quid in the bank and I hope he enjoys his retirement.
  18. May be he’ll be like some of the other retired sportsman, and now the pressure is off, actually develop some likeable traits for commentating etc.
  19. off the court andy but particularity judy are really quite a funny pair. good craic.
  20. Didn’t he make a jokey comment about England in the World Cup in his early days ?

    The media then slagged him off for it so he changed tack when interviewed, I think before that he was ok