Andy Murray

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  1. aye, he said when asked who he would be supporting in the world cup he replied, every team that's playing england. and as per, yer press took it and ran and ran with it.
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  2. Judy has been on hignfy and other comedy panel shows. And never seen anything that demonstrates humour.
  3. fair doo's, i dont watch those programs. mostly because i dont want to end up like andy, a miserable git when on duty..
    i'v seen her on bits and bobs, i like her deadpan humor. but thats my bag.
  4. May be it is a cultural thing then, as many Scots in the public eye come across as dour, sour faced sods who have so little enthusiasm for life it’s like watching sea monkeys grow
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  5. Bit off topic sorry.

    I was offshore for a lot of the last World Cup. Bloody good laugh, the Scots on the platform put a lot of effort into supporting whoever England played, all in good humour.
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  6. And that is what makes being a United Kingdom best.

    We’ll ridicule the teams of the rest of UK, support the opposite teams, be creative in how we do it too. Full of insults and digs.

    But come to standing side by side in a conflict....and nothing and no one better :upyeah:
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  7. aye, we just witnessed that.
  8. yip, why wouldn't they.
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  9. Hitting a back hand with both hands is going to cobble anyones hip.
    Bring back the old days of one handed shots and touch......
  10. Federer. Says it all.
  11. Good riddance I can't stand the miserable twat!!
  12. Yes I know we all have our own problems and issues and they are all relative etc. But it does sicken me when everyone gets so sad for him, he has had a great career and run and that's that.
    There are far more people in this world with proper problems and not just that you have been forced to retire at 31 from playing a sport you loved and have never really had to do a proper job....
  13. With you on that
  14. I was going to say I won’t miss him for he’s personality but given he won sports personality of the year I must be wrong on that point. I will miss losing a decent British sportsman regardless of who he is and on that note I’m gutted for him having to give up his chosen career owing to an injury.