Another Arai - Bloody Ebay

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  1. In the words of Britney Spears. "Ooops I did it again". o_O

    I've posted many times before about having a small collection of Arai helmets in my home office. I know it's ridiculous and had vowed so stop buying them...............unless :innocent:

    • It was a design I always wanted. (I have 3 in my eBay watch list that I would potentially buy)
    • Has to be reasonably priced
    • Mint and unmarked
    • In my size
    Right. That should stop me buying any more. :upyeah: Until last week, when a Colin Edwards Laguna Seca edition, mint and only worn a few times & in my size popped up on eBay. :worried:

    Told myself "Must resist, Must resist"..................... It arrived yesterday.:)

    On the plus side. There are only 2 in my watch list now. :D

    Laguna 1.jpg

    Laguna 2.jpg


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  2. You've got far too much free cash. I have that Doohan TT one.
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  3. The bear on the shelf looks like he's having a really good time with a hoover nozzle on his junk o_O
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  4. My sister bought me that as I have a Henry hoover and she was suspicious. :grinning:

    Bad taste bears, they are called. Google Images

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  5. They are simply the best hoovers, especially the older gen prior to regulations. My wife "upgraded" to a cordless and I refuse to throw our old pink Hetty... Its now my garage hoover
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  6. That was the kind of adulation towards Henry, that got my sis suspicious. :grinning:
  7. Gentlemen, you have a Henry vacuum cleaner. Hoover do not make the Henry vacuum cleaner. And yes, that bear is in bad taste. Andy
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  8. Gentlemen? S'only Me, Rob and JH here and thats stretching it a bit.
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  9. Ok Alan partridge... Next you'll be on about Tannoy vs public address system :sleeping:
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  10. Bloody Euro 5!
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  11. I have a set of Tannoy's. Had them for 27yrs. Funny how all my possessions co-incide with wifey. Until then all I had was a hifi and a rolled up carpet.
  12. The verb, to tannoy, pre dates the British company Tannoy that has become synonymous with public address systems by about 40 years ..... according to Oxford dictionaries. Andy
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  13. :sleeping:

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  14. What's the collective term for a group of pedants?:bucktooth:
  15. Paedos? o_O
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  16. mp's
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  17. I also have a pink Hetty in the garage (although some may call it a shed) do I get a prize?
  18. Not any more. Just bought a scooter. o_O
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