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1260 Another Chain Thread.....

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by BabyD, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. ...said the Actress to the Bishop...
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  2. Just measured the difference on my 1260S chain gauge - I set it as per the book (side stand, Urban, solo etc) then measured on centre stand in Touring mode, which is where it is most of the time, and the rivet centres are then 4mm down from the engraved marks on the gauge. Not a lot of difference really but enough to notice chain slap when it needs a little adjustment.
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  3. Hi there, Although I registered with the site some time ago, and regularly log in for a look through the site, I haven’t formally introduced myself or contributed. I joined the forum having purchased my first Ducati last summer and thoroughly enjoying my 950s. Latterly I was riding a variety of Harleys, which I really enjoyed, but wanted a change, so I haven’t had to think about chains for at least 10+ years.

    I know this thread is probably more related to the 1200/1260, but out of curiosity, as I have a 2020 950s, does anyone know if there is the equivalent chain gauge tool for my bike?

    It seems so much simpler than faffing about with a steel rule and lets you attach the tool whilst adjusting as necessary.
  4. in the toolkit (red pouch) under pillion seat, the gauge & adjustment tools will all be in there, if you never received a toolkit, I would contact the dealer
  5. One thing I have noticed is that so far I am getting less mileage out of a chain on the 1260 than I did on my 1200. I wonder if the longer swingarm and slap-happiness is the reason?
  6. 17% more torque also!
  7. Thanks BabyD, but there’s not a similar shaped tool in the bag. I did double check just in case I missed it previously...there’s also no reference to it in the owners manual. I even tried Iconic Parts on another occasion. The vendor advertises a tool for the 1200/1260, but not for the 950. I dropped them an email a few weeks ago, but never got a reply...I’ll blame COVID, maybe they are furloughed or no longer in business.
  8. Iconic are still there and working (he posts regularly on his Facebook page) and Jamie is in this group but I don't know how to tag him.

    No chain tool with my Enduro 1200 either.
  9. Does the 950 handbook make reference to a tool? As it lacks the single sided swing-arm and is thus a completely different design there may well be no adjustment guage for that model.

    What does the handbook say about chain adjustment? Conventionally you're just given a measurement of free play up and down.
  10. Urban mode on lowest setting I.e. level 1 if you have the 1260s. Plus what you said about side stand 1 reider. As far as I know
    Guilty of no respect for maintenance.
    Stand in front of that wall, don't move.
    Ready, Aim, Fire! ;)

    FYI ,this is what a healthy chain should look like:
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  12. Well, I think the 1260 only has about 10% more than my 2011 1200 had (79.5 vs 87), but the more "refined" power delivery of the 1260 makes me ride it like a touring bike. The 1200 made me act the hooligan every ride, so intuitively I'd think it should have eaten chains faster.

    I wish I had the money to buy one of each bike and do some "scientific" head to head chain torturing experiments :bucktooth:
  13. When you actually ride a bike in real world conditions they're not going to look like that garage queen just cleaned chain
  14. IMHO, there's no excuse for a chain that looks neglected like that:
    FYI, I'm retired and ride aprox 12,000 kms per season. BTW, our season is only seven months.
    Considering that I don't tour, I think that's a lot of riding.
    The takeaway here is that I clean the chain after every day's ride without exception.
    It always looks like this:

    Keeping your chain clean is much easier than an overdue deep clean.
    Moreover, your chain and sprockets will last much longer.

    Slip-in the rear stand,
    Hand spin the chain with a rag doused in Simple Green,
    Brush it and repeat with SG if it needs it,
    Spin the chain with a clean rag to dry it,
    Then spin the chain with a rag doused in gear oil (or any motor oil),
    Spin the chain with a dry rag if you have to remove any overage.

    The whole process only takes a couple of minutes.
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  16. That's exactly what I have and shown in the above post albeit it's color is silver not gold.
    530 114 chain.jpg
    It will still rust if not taken care of.
    The message for everyone is simple: "Clean It Regularly"

    Notice what it looks like now at 13,157 kms (minus 1000 kms) when the OEM was replaced.
    However, it's been cleaned after each ride day.
    20210411_203028.jpg 20210411_203309.jpg
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  17. The best chain really depends on what you're looking for.

    Drag Bike: RK 530 Pro DR Drag Racing Chain 11,900 lbs tensile strength.
    Screenshot from 2021-04-13 08:31:39.png
    Street Bike: EK ZVX3 11,100 lbs tensile strength.
    EK 3D 530Z the jewel necklace of chains
    EK 530 MVXZ Quadra-X Ring Powder-Coated colored chains
    Screenshot from 2021-04-13 08:45:45.png
    EK (SLJ) screw-in master link
    A slightly used (1000kms) Regina OEM chain
    Sold mine for $20
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  18. Any measurements on Afam as it is by a long way the very best chain I have ever used , 23000 miles and maybe 5 adjustments and still going strong.
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