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Another One In The Stable!

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by gt_lad, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. In the last couple of years I've started doing a bit more touring with pals. At 6'5 I squeeze onto the Panigale, but it's not too uncomfortable. I travel light with only a couple of Kreiga bags, and found a Yamaha fitting kit along with a filler cap with exposed bolt heads allows the Givi tank lock system to fit. The whole set up was great; efficient, comfy ish(!), outstanding performance, and on ferries it often attracts attention from those on adventure bikes loaded to the hilt with kit!
    All this said, I looked at my friends with a more touring based set up and was a bit envious. Easy clip on and off luggage that's they could leave locked on the bike safely. Lift out soft luggage meaning somewhere safe to their lids rather than carrying up to the cabin/hotel room. Cruise control, heated grips, power sockets, adjustable screens, electronic suspension, under seat storage(!), etc etc. I wanted a bit of this, so I started looking. Triumph wasn't on the radar, neither was anything Japanese. I tried my mates KTM Superduke GT and wasn't that taken by it. The idea of a GS was intriguing but I left it there! The Multi was REALLY expensive, then by chance I stumble across a really silly deal on an outgoing S1000XR. I got one of the last black ones in the country and I'm chuffed to bits!! It's an absolute weapon for what it is. Yes I'd love LED lights and an LCD dash, but it was such a bargain I overlooked these small points. Then Covid struck, and all tours were cancelled. DOH! Roll on the Picos trip in 2021! Panigale Picos.jpg BMW S1000XR.jpg
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  2. What sort of Multistrada is that?
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  3. A Nero :eyes:
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  4. The faster one ;)
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