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Featured Another Super Duke R

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by J biker, Mar 15, 2024.

  1. Not wanting to hijack @carson thread any more than I have…my 1290 R (carson checks garage..lol)

    Just collected today, moved the bars back, position feels spot on.
    MRA screen installed, gone for clear. Did not want to dominate the looks of the bike. Not tested yet, started to piss down the moment I tightened the last fixing! Used MRA before on an S1r and it worked great for removing a huge amount of air blast and not causing any buffeting. Will report back once this one is tested.
    Damp patches on the way back so steady away on the new tyres/bike. It already feels ‘just right’ though. Cant imagine anything more than a decent steering damper being added, if it has the usual KTM lively front end IMG_1161.jpeg IMG_1162.jpeg . :upyeah:
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  2. The forum look forward to seeing clips of you hooning through the village pulling huge wheelies with a very loud pipe on.:)
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  3. Had mine since November and done about 10 miles.
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  4. Jeremy McWilliams testing the SDR

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  5. KTM are my manufacturer of choice for new purchases since Ducati meandered off into V4 neverland.
    Bought an SDR in '21 and have just added a super adventure R to the fold on March 1st.
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  6. Yep. V2 all the way. Big decider for me. Even the BMW boxer twin has ‘character’. V4s competent but flawed.
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  7. Gendarmes shoot people who do that! ;)
  8. Bike looks fantastic. Did you sell the GS?
  9. I think KTM now is where Ducati were 10 years ago.
  10. yep. I confirm, fantastic bike. Just not something where you open the garage door and…wow. Very competent bikes, handling superb on the road..just…big and lacking excitement.
    The GS will be quicker on some roads, to the consternation of some people, but left for dead in others. Cannonball last year opened some eyes!
    But..wheelies, naughtiness, feeling like a teenager, all the shit that you buy a motorcycle for ? The downside I suppose.
    I have had three now and there have been many performance bikes left behind on the right roads. Also times when I have wanted to ‘ save front tyre wear’ but have not been able to. Gearbox, hmmm. Quickshifter hmm. I think BMW call it GSAP for reason :thinkingface:
    Would I have another, more than likely.
    Luckily though there is no need to do the hike from UK via A1/M1 to Dover or ferry crossings, everything on my doorstep. Feckit. Fun from the doorstep.
    Fun=a big V twin baby! With a fuel gauge and cruise control …that works o_O

    Did I mention how excited I am ?
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  11. …will it start..?
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  12. I loved mine for the short amount of time I had it. One thing got on my tits a bit was having to disable the TC and ABS every time I got on it. Is it still the same story??
  13. I’m a fan of the later KTM Superdukes, since I saw a really really clean used one recently and looked at some of the attention to detail.

    hopefully the end of 2024 they will be knocking £3-4-5k off the RRP like they usually do and the new one might be an option, or pick up a lightly used gen 3
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  14. Yeah, end of season/over winter is a great time to buy with KTM. Saved nearly 2k on my SDR and 3k on the SAR.
  15. Dunno about standard, but I've paid for the tech pack on both of mine, freeing up all the electronic extras and they turn on exactly as you shut them down.
  16. Ah ok, sounds like it’s been sorted. Mine was a MY2018.

    But that reminds me. KTM sell them fully loaded, electronically speaking, and then you have to pay to unlock features. Fuckers…
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  17. Don’t buy a new BMW then :D Andy
  18. I’m hearing a few of their performance engines are going pop. Don’t know the number ratios, perhaps very low… It’s funny how things put you off. I remember a KTM RC8 in our garage letting go at Portimao years back. Probably one in a thousand in hindsight, but it put me right off buying one…

  19. BMW the new Doocardi…
  20. “at 400 miles, we had a major malfunction” What do you expect revving the nuts off a tight engine on a dyno ? No sympathy. Andy
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