950 Any Lever Recommendations?

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  1. First change I'm looking to make is a change of levers, as I don't like the fact that the clutch lever isn't adjustable. I'm looking at either the Evo Tech or the V-Trex VX, long length. Anyone got these, pros and cons or can anybody recommend something different. Probably leaning towards the V-Trex at the moment but if someone's got a good argument I'm willing to listen.

  2. Evotech Performance quality and fit is tops as I have purchased may items from them without regrets.
    Their levers are exactly like the Pazzo Performance which I have on four bikes.
    They're awesome and easy to adjust even on the fly.
    Moreover, they are made in the UK.
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  3. I’d go for asv levers,
  4. Thanks for that, good to know about the quality. I like the idea with the V-Trek that there is continuous adjustment rather than fixed positions; did you find the range of movement enough? I've got large palms but relatively short fingers.

    I've never used anything but long levers. Why do you find the short versions better?

  5. If they made them for mine I wouldn't be asking, I'd have bought them already. Had them on the previous bike & loved them.

  6. I edited my post to remove that comment because I though it wasn't relevant but now that you asked:
    I find long levers slower to shift. Moreover, two-finger shifting offers more precision as you're less likely to unnecessarily pull the lever all the way. It's also safer as it allow your remaining fingers to firmly hold the grip. Finally if you use two-finger shifting with long levers. you're likely to hit the knuckles of your two-smaller fingers and you can also slip as they have no ball-end to prevent it from happening.
    I would never go back to long levers.

    About the clicker: the range of adjustment is fine. You'll find that you can quickly and readily alternate between two sizes. In traffic, I sometimes want the friction to come in early. Then revert to normal for regular riding.
    My wife is 5'2" with small hands and fingers. I installed short Pazzo's on her CBR300R as shown. Problem solved.

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  7. Thanks again. well if I do go for Pazzo's they state only short levers with hand guards and as the hand guards include the indicators they aren't going anywhere.

    Appreciate the comments re short levers, as I said I've always used long ones and my big concern about the short ones is braking with half a hand when you really need to... :eek:
  8. You don't have to buy Pazzo's as the Evotech Performance from UK seem to be the same blueprint.
    As for braking, the Brembo M50's are powerful enough to do a stoppie with one finger.
    Why don't you just hold off until you get to try a bike with short levers? Then decide what you like best.
  9. I personally don't believe in encouraging knock-off products (especially for brakes) but sure, give the short bootlegs a go then buy the real thing.