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Anyone Else Got A Fire Bomb Washing Machine?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Jez900ie, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. Just checked the Hotpoint skidders descaler following the recall annoucement, only to find that mine is fcuked.

    Replacements and repairs start in January - maybe? So its looks like the options are cold wash, and see what they offer in Jan, or just buy another and sell the replacement when it arrives. I'm not holding my breath, they have been replacing incendiary tumble driers for four years!

    Anyone else got a lemon? Check your serial number on the link below.

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  2. I'd never call my wife that, I'd be dead.
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  3. 3 rules about stuff:

    German Washing Machines
    Japanese Bikes
    Eastern European Women

    After that do what you wish :blush::upyeah:
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  4. Can’t understand that anyone would still buy a hotpoint/indesit/whirlpool appliance after shamble after shamble in recent years, they take a lot of liberty with peoples life’s, I had a customer who’s house burnt down to the ground on Christmas day because of one of their dryers, luckily no one died.........
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  5. I moved to the UK in '15. I had no idea that I would be taking my life in my hands just washing the clothes!

    Still it could be worse. A V4 catching fire whilst riding doesn't sound too clever, nor does sitting inside a Ferrari that bursts into flame...
  6. They all do that sir!
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  7. Now the Socialists want to take away my choice of washing machine.

    Bastards. Feck 'em.
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  8. To be fair had dryer 9 years no issues- was on the list was replaced foc

    guess I was lucky
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  9. I did notice Which had refused to recommend any of their products due to the way they were handling the earlier issues for a while & now say that they
    put corporate reputation ahead of public safety

    you should be able to claim for any costs incurred including using a Landry service etc
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  10. I think if any bloke lets the side down by admitting they know how to use a washing machine then they deserve to burn. in hell.
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  11. 3 rules about stuff in the UK in 10 ten years time.

    Wash Tub
    Push bike
    Old Health and Efficiency Magazine
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  12. Or you don’t wash very much lol
  13. Whirlpool have a bad name for sure but I would suggest any tumble dryer should be de-fluffed regularly as they can all catch fire if neglected for too long.

    For balance I don't know how to use one just how to clean and repair it :D
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  14. fuggin better not *watching you*.
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  15. Some of us single pringles don't have a choice unless we want to go out looking like Corbyn. ;)
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  16. Time to step out of that fluffy closet Harry
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  17. I've just had a new Hotpoint dryer delivered this week. :eek:
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  18. Been nice knowing you

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  19. 09F0AFB4-FF6F-47AD-AD3C-C95FBC906203.png
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