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Anyone Had A French Speeding Ticket....

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by richgilb, May 9, 2019.

  1. I'm genuinely baffled why anyone enters Switzerland on a motorbike so many beautiful alpine roads all over Europe without the complete arsehole Swiss police on them!! I was held for 3hrs on the Swiss German border while they questioned the weight of my motorhome to the toll tag I had, the stupid thing was I had paid for the max weight tag but they still held me trying to find out the weight of my very unusual vehicle after 3 hours they released me and said enjoy Switzerland I told him I'd never set foot in the shit hole again if this is the way the treated tourists!
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  2. Wow... that’s fucked up. But good to know :upyeah:
  3. 44teeth got a £3500 fine in their BudgetBikeBattle Italia at about 8 mins in, he also got a riding ban and had to van the bike to the Italian border.

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  4. I seen that before and he wasn't caught going mad the camera van was only over a couple of mph 2-3 mph and got 400 euro fine from what I remember from a later video :thinkingface: Switzerland is not for bikes unless you are extremely disciplined!
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  5. That’s not entirely accurate.

    When caught by a speed camera, in France, the owner of the vehicle receives the fine. But there is a specific procedure on the paper to report another driver, if the owner wasn’t driving at the time of speeding. It does require consensus between owner and driver and a bit of integrity...

    My wife did it to me a couple times. Rightfully so, I shall add. I was driving her car. She received the fine, reported me as the driver, and I took the hit (both fine and points off my licence).
  6. @Wassy that dailymail link had about 300 cookies attached to it, if you clicked & accepted it without checking. You are helping have your information stolen legally & suffer a slower internet. As each of those tracking cookies will be communicating with its host server every now-n-then.
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  7. Ha, really enjoyed that!! :D:upyeah:
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  8. Yes I wasn’t totally correct with what I wrote. I should have said that the vehicle owner is held responsible for the fine unless they state that someone else was driving. However the point remains that the U.K. has never sent fines to foreign vehicle owners.
  9. Thanks, I always make sure I clear my cookies every week which is a pain having to log into my favourite sites again but worth the effort.
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  10. Deep clean with Ccleaner which I will link. Please see how the cookies work on a proper site, you click the information & select disagree to all in a simple method.
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  11. Wish I’d read this thread before just paying over €300 in fines for my trip back from Spain just before Christmas.

    Mrs always moans when they come through the door and every time I tell her to ignore them but no she just pays them when I’m not there. Argh
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  12. They great thing about my enept government is the antiquated computer system we share information with no other countries I've had more flash photography in France than I take myself on holiday but in Ireland we never get anything from the foreign feds!!
  13. Another option here, is to simply respect the speed limits of the country your are driving through, whatever that country may be.

    Personally, as a foreign driver, I am very much inclined to respect local laws. That not only keeps me out of trouble (try messing with UAE, Qatar, Koweït or Saudi Arabia’s laws and tell me how that went...), but also shows some kind of respect for your hosts. If that’s an issue (respecting your hosts), well, as the Americans say: « Love it or leave it »...

    If I wanna fck with some laws (I do get speed tickets on a yearly basis, don’t get me wrong) I keep it for my own corner of the world.
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  14. That reminds me of a time in the late 90’s when I was deployed in Saudi. A RAF NCO from our base got caught steeling in the market in Riyadh one Friday. Nothing big, really. But he got sentenced to get his hand cut off. Saudi Mutawahs wanted to play it old school, with the saber on the public square and all. The UK ambassador was barely able to negotiate it done in hospital under anesthesia. Barbaric, but as a result, not much theft in Saudi...

    As we say in French: « Pas vu, pas pris. Pris, pendu ». (= Not seen, not caught. Caught, hanged).
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  15. Horrible cvnts, Saudi’s. Should nuke the bastard place and turn it into a sheet of glass.
  16. Steady on mate, I hear there's loads of work coming off there this year :joy:
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  17. Only just seen this thread but some years ago I was stopped in France and had my licence immediately taken away. Following a financial contribution, my passenger was allowed to continue to drive. I did read somewhere recently that following Brexit, the Police on both sides of the channel are no longer able to access records in one another's countries. I am unable to confirm this but it might be worth investigating.
  18. Oh, is there?? Well some of them are really nice. I mean really, really nice. Salt of the earth some of those cvnts.....
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  19. I know you meant well here but be aware of what Avast* is capable of before allowing them to get a sticky beak in:-

    (Jumpshot is an Avast subsidiary)

    My memory is bad now, and I couldn't remember why I stopped using Ccleaner until I saw the "Avast" link*. I used Avast for a while before I started to realise how intrusive they were/are.

    *i'm not certain but I don't think you can use Ccleaner without accessing via Avast?
  20. Crikey, that's today's un-erasable image sorted then, was he allowed to try and re-attach - did he try?
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