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Anyone Know The Pros And Cons Of E Bikes?

Discussion in 'eScooters, eBikes etc' started by NOODS X, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I'm still on an analogue Orange Alpine 160, but I've got a mate who bought an e-Bike last year. We usually do trail centres - Llandegla, CYB etc so it's a varied mixed of climbs and descents, he is less fit than me and heavier so I can see why he bought his bike, but he's now having way more fun than me as he's got bags of energy to really enjoy the downhill sections compared to me who's blowing out of his ar$e after a 3 mile climb.

    I was really against them, but seeing how he actually gets to enjoy the bits that everyone wants to enjoy I'm quietly jealous now, but I can't justify another bike as I don't use the one I've got enough to justify even having that in the garage.
  2. Get rid of the one you have and just have the ebike. Plus, if you ride it switched off most of the time like I do (I only turn it on for steep uphills), you'll burn twice as many calories. You'll ride it more, too.
  3. Have you thought about the Maeving? https://maeving.com/. Not much more than some of the e-bikes out there.

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  4. It's an option, but considering I don't ride what I have, it's more cash whichever way I look at it for something I won't use that much, which doesn't make much sense.

    I have the same conversations in my head regarding selling my 1299 and getting a V4, I haven't ridden my 1299 in over a year now, so why spend more money on something that's going to sit there and gather more dust.
  5. I went to get a new bike for my lads birthday in November 2020 - right in the middle of the Covid, so any decent bike was hard to get.
    Ended up with a new one for him an a new Cube 625w for both of us. They are the future and we use them loads (can’t understand why I’m a fat knacker really ‍♂️)

    looked at a few different models on line but settled with Cube as they gave us the best warranty etc.


  6. Here's a link to MBR (Mountain Bike Rider Magazine). Great online info... buyers guides, reviewing new bikes & kit.


    For me the biggest shock to getting into mountain biking is the initial cost of the bike. A good bike is the same cost as a good motorcycle! But if you get a good quality bike running costs are pretty low (no fuel) and you can ride it pretty much anywhere. In fact I wound up selling my enduro bike as I found I was putting a lot more miles on my mountain bike.

    I'd recommend getting a good brand, with a proven motor or parts and servicing will be an issue.

    Good luck
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  7. With regards to the e-bike weight issue... there sort are sort of 2 categories of e-mountain bikes taking shape.
    A) Full on ebikes: these have a big heavy battery, offer big power range and power assist. These are heavy!
    B) Super Light ebikes: generally much lighter, carbon frame, lighter/smaller battery, and so the rider needs to put some peddle power to give similar range as a full blown eBike. (Eg. Specialized Turbo Levo SL)
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