Anyone Tried Road Pilot 5s Yet?

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  1. Take a look at the Bridgestone T31 which has just replaced the T30 Evo, which was already an excellent tyre.

    I found the T30 Evo to be excellent is all weathers and in almost all temperatures. In the summer they're ready the moment you get on the bike and the wet grip was such that you might end up doing things in the wet that you just wouldn't think as bring sensible in those conditions. They were a brilliant tyre.

    I've now binned the OE scorpions on my 1260 for the new Bridgestone T31 and have just completed a 1600 mile trip to Germany. Fantastic tyre which allegedly is an improvement on the T30 Evo, but in truth I can't say it's any better as the T30 Evo was already hugely impressive. For me to be able to tell the difference would require me to take risks that I wouldn't be prepared to do on the roads.

    Alistair Fagan of "44 Teeth" on Youtube have a Bridgestone T31 review they did at the launch in Morocco a few weeks back. Definitely worth a watch before you spend your cash.
  2. More than happy with the Road 5s I fitted a couple of weeks ago. Just back from Vosges mountains where conditions ranged between 30ºC and then 2 inches of water on the road 'cause it couldn't drain quick enough. Must admit in the latter I chickened out from anything other than slow and relatively upright and took shelter PDQ, it was beyond torrential. However, in the wet conditions that followed immediately afterwards, as well as the typical monsoons on both outbound and inbound UK legs of the trip (it's late May FFS!), they were superb. In the dry they were very good. I did try the Roadtec 01s prior to the last set of PR4s and, although they were OK wet and dry, I didn't like them as much as the former Michelins.

    Obviously jury is out until I've been there but hopefully the Road 5s will last a decent mileage and maintain their profile and feel until, or close to, the need to replace them. Experience with PR4s on my MV Turismo has been good compared with the heavier VFR that I had previously. That wrecked the edges of the front before anything else.

    Biggest problem with the Road 5s at the moment is availability.
  3. Was the T30 EVO the GT or Standard?
  4. It was the standard one. I figured the GT version was probably designed with something ridiculously heavy like a K1500.
  5. My local bike tyre dealer in Liverpool has Road 5s in stock and charge £250 for the pair, plus £44 fitting. Minus a £30 cash back from Michelin offer. So the set fitted £264!

    Going in on Wednesday for a set. My delivery Scorpion 2s are down to 2mm after 5750 miles.

    I’ve had Angel GTs for the last few years. I’m hoping the 5s are as good as them...
  6. It may be the bike or suspension set up you have.On the gt1000 they good for edge to edge until the are bald,brilliant in the wet so there blah!
  7. Still using BT023s on mine,I can't fault them.
  8. Just stuck a set on today in advance of next weeks mission to France. usual excellent service from Chris and the team at FWR. My previous Multi had Roadtec 01’s which were excellent, they will be a tough act to follow.
  9. Road 5s fitted and 42 miles of scrubbing in. They feel quite sporty, with a quick turn in and firm carcass.
    Already riding at the speeds that the OE Scorpion 2s were at the edge of the tyre at, and still a cm of sidewalk left.
    Definitely an improvement over the OEs.
    Looking forward to seeing how they cope in wet and cold conditions later in the year (not yet please Mr Weatherman).

    Highly recommend P&R Tyres in Liverpool City Centre. Excellent friendly and knowledgeable service.
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  10. It's horses for courses and the fact is that there aren't really any truly bad tyres out there. Even the OE Scorpion's aren't terrible for their intended purpose as a hybrid trail/road tyre.

    You can choose almost any tyre from a known manufacturer and they all work well. What a fantastic age it is to be a motorcyclist in.
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  11. Dead right Rainman, couldn't agree more mate.

    I would say that the Scorps (for me) were not the most confidence inspiring tyre ! Strangely I never really liked the PR4's compared to the PR3's, the Roadtec's were sensational in all conditions. Let's see if the PR5's are any good ? A 2000 mile test ride awaits :motorcycleduc:
  12. Anyone else on Road 5s showing such a distinct change in compound?

    They’re performing very well on 36fr/36rr. But the obvious cosmetic change to the softer compound is slightly disconcerting as I’ve never seen such an obvious difference on other tyres.

  13. I've seen it before and it's not uncommon on modern tyres. Bridgetstone S21's exhibit the some visible difference. In fact there are some makes/models where there are more than two compounds being used. It wouldn't bother me in the least, in fact quite the opposite. I think being able to visibly identify the presence of the different compounds is actually reassuring.
  14. None of us will get any where near the tyres limits most of the time :)
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  15. HI, I've got power RS on my VFR1200 and they show the same difference in compound/wear as you show. Power RS have been great handling tyre, very impressed. Have been thinking about trying Road 5 when RS finally die, fairly soon I think! From your photo looks like 5's have similar compound on the edge as the RS which is reassuring.
  16. Fitted today. 5 miles across town. Already like them