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1260 Anyone With An Aftermarket Exhaust Near Me?

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by TCochrane, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Trying to decide which exhaust to get for my bike. Have watched a load of videos, but it's hard to gauge noise levels without it being it person.

    Is there anyone near Guildford, Surrey or Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK with either a slip on, decat, or full system?

  2. I live in Loxwood, 15 miles south of Guildford. I have a full Arrows exhaust on my 1200. It's probably no different to the one for the 1260. PM me if you want to meet and have a gander.
  3. That would be great! Thanks!
    Is Box Hill near you at all?
  4. Boxhill is east of Guildford so not near me but an easy ride away. Happy to meet you there. What dry day would suit you? I'm retired so any day I'm not playing golf suits me. :):motorcycleduc:
  5. Oh woops sorry! Would Newlands Corner be easier?
    How about this Sunday?
  6. Southam less than 10miles from leamington.
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  7. Newlands corner is closer and the view is better! The weather looks fine on Sunday so OK. What time?
  8. Great :)
    How does 11am sound?
  9. (Can't watch the video right now as I'm at work)
    What exhaust have you got?
  10. OK, 11am this Sunday at Newlands Corner. See you then.
  11. Do you run with the baffle in or out?
  12. In, never taken it out. It is quite loud enough like that.
  13. I have the full race exhaust system for the enduro, which is/was the same engine as the DVT. However mine had the pipes ceramically coated by zircotec to disperse the heat out the end. Doesn't have a baffle & I'm close to royal-leamington-spar'

    PM for popping over if you wish; I am working from 1430hours rest of the week.
  14. I'm free (working from home) on Friday in Leamington? All day
  15. Oxford?

    Run a cat with the cat inside removed and a Leo Vince end can.

    Had a decat plus the Leo and way to loud.
  16. Thanks, but I'm looking for a more "off the shelf" solution, so I can revert it to standard when I sell the bike.

    But it's very interesting to hear that you think the decat system is too loud. Was that too loud even with the baffle?
  17. On a different subject, did you coat your new multi with ACF50?
    If so, any tips on getting it in everywhere? did you have to remove many panels?
  18. I’d like to see and hear that. If I can get there I will.

    Thanks again for the manual.
  19. All are welcome! :)
  20. I did, yes. I found that most things were easily accessible without needing to take off panels, so I didn't.
    I've got a large bottle of liquid ACF50, not a pressurised spray. So I just dab a small amount onto a cloth and apply to the bike, then wipe off excess with a different, clean cloth.
    Just coat all the metallic parts, including the brakes, but none of the friction surfaces! (Be very careful with that)

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