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Featured Aprilia Rsv Millie R

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by cookster, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Hi guys couple of years back I advertised my friends millie on here and to be honest I couldn't stop looking at it. I've always fancied one ever since I passed my test. So with uming and ahhing for the last 2 years and annoying @Expat Jack and @bradders with countless txt messages over buying it I finally bought it off my mate. It's great I love it. Though not very quick compared to my r1 or pani R it's still good fun. It's no garage queen but I kinda like it like that. Here's the pics.
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  2. A really good real world bike. Enjoy.
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  3. It's really easy to ride mate.
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  4. I chopped in my ZX6R and bought one brand new in 2001. It was slightly more comfortable than my 749S!
  5. I find it real comfy as the suspension is quite soft on it. Think it could do with new tyres though.
  6. Glad it went to a good home...
    Always had a soft spot for Aprilia's, I think you get a lot of bike for your money.
    If I had space for a 3rd bike I'd fill it with another Aprilia
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  7. Nice looking bike
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  8. Thank god for that! Now can we have some peace?
    Looks good mate, bet it sounds even better.:upyeah:
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  9. Your right Andy it's so much bike for the money, ok there not perfect but there's loads to can do to um which is right up my street.
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  10. Yes mate ... untill the next one :)
  11. Glad it stayed local, was really seriously tempted by this but ended up pooling my money to get the thrust on r as ultimately I already have a sportsbike
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  12. Can we have a sweepstakes on how long he keeps it???
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  13. Must admit Phil your the reason I got my ass in gear and got it bought. :D thought if I let it go il kick my self.

    @Cream_Revenge I've still got most of my bikes mate not like me to change my mind :blush:
  14. Good choice.
    I also bought one three days ago.. :grinning:
    After a couple of trackdays on the st4s, I wanted a good, cheap sbk with all the goodies.

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  15. Very nice, i nearly bought one myself a few years back.:upyeah:
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  16. Great bikes, like it in the yellow aswell. I'm keeping my eye out for a 2003 bike which was the last of the mille and came with the radial calipers but don't come up for sale often.
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  17. deep down I had this feeling you would buy it in time :) lovely bike, I never crossed that one off the list.
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  18. Do you think @cookster has noticed it’s yellow? ;)
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  19. Good man yours looks cleaner then mine though.
  20. IMG_2463.JPG
    I have a 2003 model, although not an R.
    It's now at 87k kilometres (54k miles). There are a lot of possible measures to spice things up a bit on the cheap. The original chip contains two ignition mappings, one for the standard exhaust/ air filter and one for "sport" exhausts and air filters with more flow. This is one of the best mods, as it removes the dent in the torque curve between 4 and 5 k revolutions.
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