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V4 Aprilia Rsv4 1100 Factory Or Ducati V4

Discussion in '899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4 Panigale' started by Scott21, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Looking to make a change from my current 1299 track bike to either the RSV4 1100 Factory or the Ducati V4.

    Been watching reviews on both bikes and have always ridden Ducati but don’t know if it’s time to try something a bit different...

    Pure track will be the only use.

    Interesting to see other people reviews.
  2. For track and especially racing I wouldn’t bother with either.

    There’s faster and more efficient, cheaper ways of getting round a race track ! Which is why you will rarely if ever see Ducati’s or Aprillia’s in club racing championships (even the top end of national club racing) and in fact bsb superstock!

    I’d go for the aprillia out of the two if I could fit on it (which I can’t)

    You could get yourself a very trick superstock 1000 with change for that kind of money :) it’ll be faster and more reliable too
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  3. Out of 2 I'd go for the Aprillia simple because the Aprillia has proven less problematic than the Ducati
    Personally I'd go for a tricked up gsx1000
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  4. Aprilia, just for the noise
  5. Bmw or zx10 but out of the 2 I'd go ducati easier to get parts than the aprilia
  6. New S1000RR
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  7. I wouldn't bother with an Aprilia again after mine dropped a valve at 8k miles. I'm not in the minority either.
    For a track only bike I'd be looking at a BMW or Suzuki. Neither exotic or exciting but probably more reliable than the Italian offerings.
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  8. I know this isnt answering your question but if you've got the wonga, R1M, its literally the perfect out the crate track bike. Pick them up for 12-13k now with just show off look at me and my chicken strip public road miles on them.
  9. Multistrada, gotta be a Multi :upyeah:
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  10. Purely for track?
  11. Not all that reliable though. I’m struggling to think of someone I know who hasn’t had an issue with either the crank or the big end on these
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  12. Now you mention it, thats reminded me the last two Ive seen in the garages whilst having a dribble over them have failed to start at least once before the post lunch sessions :rolleyes:
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  13. What else could you possibly need a multi for :thinkingface:

    Fastest A-B bike on the planet.....FACT (ish)
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  14. I think everyone above has made very valid points worth considering.
    Out of those two bike you mentioned originally; and having experienced both of them from a riding perspective on track and from friends on track. My opinion -and thats all it is- is that it depends what you want out of your riding experience.
    I have observed that the people that enjoy riding the Ducati is because they enjoy the thrill, the adrenaline the taming of the wild animal etc... and they feel a certain satisfaction from that which makes them thoroughly enjoy it. On a visceral level.
    Out of 10 laps. Their fastest lap was maybe between 6 - 8.
    Those that ride the Aprillia dont seem to have that shine in the eye that they have just survived an encounter in the bull ring. Not saying it wasnt fun but they also see it more as a science. They chase lap times. (Not that the DUC boys dont) Its just the sensation Im talking about.
    The aprillia seems to be the better bike, more precise, easier to ride immediately with fastest lap being around lap 3 -5. I see them going over the finer nuances of this and that...
    Both are capable, its just what do you want out of it.
    My observations only.
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  15. If you want real, fun and to be big-balls-benny amongst race bikes, defo :upyeah:
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  17. I mean yeah it's great when your lining up and someone goes "ooh check him out he's got a multi! "
    Yeah mega bud, awesome.
    But that kind of instantly wears off for me then.
    Admittedly as mentioned before yes we've all be embarrassed by guys of an advanced aged on multis before.
    Specifically for me Anglesey and Silverstone.
    The gits
  18. Joking aside, a sports-orientated bike is essential for lots of track use IMHO. Whether a RSV4 or a Tuono V4 (other brands are available!) as long as the chassis is designed for it, you can work the rest out.
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  19. I've test ridden both back to back and my choice would be the Ape. It's a great bit of kit but it's one ugly fucker. If I was spending that money I would buy the new Beemer (and did).
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  20. Things you thought you'd never hear, a bim owner say the Aprilia's an ugly bike, and last month a V4 Pani saying similar!
    Specsavers, anyone! LOL!
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