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  1. IMG_4601 (002).JPG My long wait is over, finally the full system Akra is installed....

    If you have been contemplating this addition but have had reservations, then worry not. got the bike back today and I have to say it's like riding a different bike altogether.

    Sound : HOLY BEJESUS ! For now I have the baffles out and it makes an insane racket, so much so that they might have to go back in, but if you like your bikes loud then good God you will love it. Again this is personal preference but if you like the burble and crack of the over-run it's a pure symphony of sound. Oh and on the down shift with the auto blipper.... well it's ludicrous, the bike just barks at you on every shift, it's actually fun knowing you are coming up to the lights and they are going Red and as opposed to trying to beat the lights you just want to go down the gears then look at every face in the cars around you fearing that they are in the midst of a drive-by shooting.

    Performance : Like I said, it's a different bike. Farewell to the limp wristed pull off the lights and that bogged down oppressed Euro4ness... I can actually pull away quicker than a scooter now. Gear change is infinitely quicker both up and down, I assume this is down to the re map. It's sharp but not snappy as opposed to before where it felt a little thuddy and clunky by comparison.

    Heat : I was driving on the motorway for most of the way home so no problem with the heat, I took a little detour through town at low speed just to see if she heated up.. she did but no more than the stocker which tended to cook my right leg when stuck going from lights to lights in traffic. With the exhaust's far apart at the back the heat gets distributed evenly and away. I will update the post on this when I can put it to the test on my commute.

    Looks : From the pics, yes it looks like a wheelbarrow but up close in the flesh they are shorter than they look, lets face it, its the same style as the superleggera and I don't think that's put anyone off. One of the upsides is that you can now see the whole of the rear wheel in all it's glory.

    Conclusion : If you can stomach the cost and you want your supersport to be a lot sharper and still not lose its smoothness and you can cope with the barking, growling, fire spitting then posthaste good Sir's and Madam and slap one on.

    PS, I love the stock bike besides it niggles (Mirrors),(finding Neutral) it's a 9 out of 10 in my book. Bust trust me this exhaust pushes onto the 10.

    Just as a side note I don't work for Akrapovic.

    And thank's to the guys at Pro Twins, Pete, Malcolm and Rob for whacking it on... 6 hours hard graft.


    IMG_4600 (002).JPG IMG_4599 (002).JPG

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  2. Looks lovely, a beautiful work of art, and only curious but how much was it, and why did it take 6 hours ??
  3. Tail tidy looks good, I'll probably get one before long. As for the exhaust, as long as you like it, but I'll wait till someone comes out with a de-cat box that looks standard.
    I would love to cut open the standard box to see what can be done with it.
  4. With a 7x5 stuck on it :upyeah:
  5. Mine has a standard small French number plate. I had to cut down the standard Ducati number plate holder because it stuck out beyond the plate!
  6. £1,900 + Labour, as it was the 1st one the guys installed they did a thorogh job as they were stepping into new ground. They did say that a hell of alot of the bike had to come off to get it on. When i think It took me 3 hours to get the tail tidy on (with a few issues along the way) I think they did a good job.
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  7. If thats the part thats like a cross shape ? I removed it and then used sticky pads to hold the plate to the remaining part, so no screws at all, have always done that, never had one fall of yet :upyeah:
  8. Looks stunning, but wheres the "gulp" emoji !!!
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  9. Im toying with the idea of shrinking the plate down, but as it's my daily commuter come rain or shine it gives me a fraction more sheilding from the spray and to be honest I like the shape of the four dot plates.
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  10. I weighed up the slip ons which are £800+ essentially purely for sound and asthetics vs the huge weight saving and performace gain and I think I made the right choice.
  11. Yes it was the cross thing, stuck out all over! I had thought of removing it, but number plates have to be riveted on over here so I would not have used sticky pads as I used to on cars in the UK.
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  12. Looks great. Has it cured any of the low-RPM round-town lumpiness (had to slip the clutch in 2nd) that I experienced on a demo ride?
  13. Not sure that I have seen any of that on my bike with a standard exhaust. It is lovely and smooth at low speeds. Perhaps the demo bike had not been run in and so was rougher than it should be.
    I have read that the mirrors vibrate on many bikes, but not on mine, they are much more use than they were on my 848.
  14. Compared to stock its a total transformation, Apples and Oranges.
  15. I agree with you Bob, that when the bike is ridden a low speeds it runs smooth and yes when you have it it the sweet spot the mirrors work if you just want to take a look at your shoulders that is. But when you need the mirrors most is maybe on the motorway lets say overtaking and you have to twist the wrist drop your shoulder and try to make out the vague blurry shapes around you. As soon as the bike is under even minor stress they ribrate alot and i think dangerously so. Ironically my left mirror worked perfectly when some loser knocked it whilst parked, it twisted 45 degrees the bolt stripped and gave about 2 mm play.... it was spot on ! But was prone to a bit of waggle so had to get repaired.
  16. That looks awesome.
  17. Hey Steeve, As far as I can see there is no heat shield installed, I know for sure that if it was there they guys would of put it on. I can say though that it does not really need it, you can feel the heat output whilst stationary and in heavy traffic but I can confirm it is far less oppressive than the stocker. It feels like heated seats in a car now but on full whellie not uncomfortable but like you may of had an accident.

    I would be interested to know if anyone has got the heat shield installed !
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  18. Looks like I was fortunate to get one with the heat shield, all present and correct.
  19. Just a little update !

    I was asked a while back if I would stick her up on a Dyno and see what kind of performance the Akra spits out. And the results were quite surprising.

    Now unfortunately I did not run the bike from the stock system so I do not have a baseline to work from however the data is as follows:

    Air Temp 22.5C
    Air Pressure 1001 mBar
    Humidity 47.7%
    RAD 95.1 %

    Max Power 97.27 BHP @ 9144.6 rpm
    Max Torque 67.3 Ft/lb @ 7019.5 rpm

    now compare this to Ducati's tech spec :

    81 kW (110 hp) @ 9,000 rpm *

    93 Nm (69 lb-ft) @ 6,500 rpm *

    * The power/torque values indicated are measured using an engine dynamometer according to homologation regulation and they correspond to the homologated data, as quoted in the Bike Registration Document.

    So all this confirms is that the stats from Ducati are taken directly off the crank and not of the back wheel ! Unless of course I have got myself a duffer.

    Regardless of the fact that the bike is not 100bhp+ which disappoints me little on several levels I does not distract from the fact that it is still an amazing bike and lets face it how often do you use it to it's full potential.

    Hope some of you find it Usefull

    Dyno Run Ducati SuperSport S 1.JPG Dyno Run Ducati SuperSport S 2.JPG
  20. Why would that be? Every manufacturer quotes engine power outputs like that and none, as far as I know, quotes rear wheel power.