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  1. Don't autos need maintenance? And if its the kind of watches you all wear can be quite costly? I wear an auto, just because, well, you get to wind it up.
  2. I like the fact it can be maintained and last, in theory, forever. It’s a 50th present for me from me :upyeah: hence they are so old. Only looking dealer supplied too
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  3. Dude I'm not pissing on your party here, I'm no watch expert, I like autos. BTW you get yourself what you want. Big 50. Milestone. :upyeah:
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  4. You need to watch it again: The scene where the Christopher Walken explains how his buddy in 'Nam kept the watch up his ass for four years so the Gooks wouldn't get it.
    Also, I guess by your reply you already know what to wear whilst being bummed! ;)
  5. Of being bummed? Probably against forum rules!
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  6. Wifey bought me this, little auto, I love it
    , I can see the time.
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  7. I have a seiko kinetic that I can’t find annoying to sort out as it doesn’t hold any time at all. But it was £300 new so a repair also makes it a bit silly cost vs use
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  8. Like anything that moves it does need maintenance , my good friend services watches of high calibre and lack of servicing is a killer. What happens is the oil and grease dries out, moving components wear and when it stops normally is quite expensive because the damage is already done. I had one of my Rolex watches done after some 20 years and the wear was quite bad, new parts needed and the cost was over £850 trade, all because I never serviced in accordance with Rolex specs. I mean you would not change your Ducati oil and then expect it to be ok after 50 miles would you? Nuff said
  9. Thousand miles
  10. Are you holding that with your foot, or are your fingers like Christmas Chipolatas without the bacon :thinkingface:
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  11. I wear my various ones on an inconsistent pattern -one of them only gets worn 3-5 times a year - put back into box and leave them until I wear again months later -no auto winder here. But there again the belts on my 916 are about 7 years old :eyes:so perhaps you shouldn’t use me as a gauge.....
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  12. You wanna see my cock :joy: my toes are longer :sob:
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  13. My mrs just bought this as a wedding present. Unbeknown to her, it may have started a new hobby.... Easier to hide than bikes ;)

    Got my eye on a Grand Seiko next.

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  14. That’s on a rota of about 7 autos.
  15. Just a point - if you buy an expensive "used" watch, try to get one with the original box and papers - like old corgi/dinky toys with original boxes, such ephemera affects the value considerably.

    I bought a Rolex Oyster Datejust from the Pawnbroking company I worked for (a few years ago) and staff rate was £1350 cos it had no box or papers. If it had, the price would have been £1850.
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  16. As you have pointed out, one of the watches you are looking at is automatic (self-winding) and the other manual. Both types need occasional maintenance but, as with any watch, as long as it has been serviced relatively recently using modern lubricants, long service intervals should not be a problem. My rule of thumb is if it runs properly and feels 'right' when winding, setting, changing date etc. I generally don't bother getting a watch serviced. Having said that, it wont do either of them any harm to give them an occasional hand wind.
    More likely to cause problems for a vintage watch (especially a non diver) is corrosion - leave it in a humid environment and its movement could suffer.
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  17. Speaks much sense.
  18. i have a few old russian automatics from the 1960's and 1970's poljot , sekonda truly amazing watches.
  19. That’s a great looking watch.