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  1. Go on any watch ‘enthusiasts’ forum and you’ll get the range of views you have here-personal choice really. No ‘right’ answer I don’t think.

    On the one hand some say a winder is accelerating wear-its working whilst you aren’t using it- on the other hand a static watch is not moving and therefore ‘ seizing’ up.

    The point about oils and grease drying up are for me the key ones but how do you measure when that has happened.?
    You either go periodic preventative servicing to manaugacturers recommended schedule or react when it starts doing something not quite right.

    Do ya feel lucky?

    Post pictures of purchase in due course.......

    You could hang on and look at the Omega 50th moon landing anniversary releases later this year -tie in With your 50th?
  2. I've 3 automatics and just wind them if I want to wear them. I sometime wear the Omega for a few weeks on end and obviously it just keeps utself wound on those occasions

    People can get precious about them, using winders etc, but I've never had an issue.
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  3. It's my 50th next week and I feel I need to treat myself to "something". :thinkingface: I was looking at a Breitling today as I sold one along with a couple of bikes to buy the Desmo a few years back. It's the only watch I've ever sold and didn't want to at the time. :(
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  4. BTW, everyone wears an i watch an fit bit. Unfortunately only old people wear a tick tock clock :joy:
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  5. Bentley?
  6. No, A Super Avenger
  7. Rob, I’ve met a guy recently and because of my penchant for all things automatic says he’ll “look after me” he’s the manager of a Breitling boutique, pm me if you’re seriously interested and I’ll give you his details
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  8. 5 Autos, the missus has a Breitling and I’ve got 4 others, I use a 4 watch watch winder, they all keep good time and are always ready to wear :)
  9. Not a brand that has piqued me. The only one I did like ..

  10. Does he wear a lot of black pvc? :D
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  11. Mrs B is buying me a new one for my birthday so may be a great idea :upyeah: looking at planet ocean right now
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  12. I wear a charge + or blaze normally.
  13. I have a Bentley GT Racer. Had it over 10 years now. No issues at all
  14. Oil and grease? It's a watch not a Scania. I believe horologists lubricate the movement with a graphite powder.

    Personally, my rule of thumb is send it for service every 5 years providing it's keeping good time.
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  15. I bought this two weeks ago. Chap I bought it from hasn’t serviced it in 20 yrs. keeps perfect time. I spoke with a dealer about getting it serviced. He advised not to bother as long as it’s functioning ok.


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  16. I sold most of my posh watches five or six years ago when I needed all the money I could get my hands on to start my business after a costly divorce. The Planet Ocean is the only one I insisted on keeping as it covers all bases and you can wear it whilst being bummed too if that's a consideration?
    Buy it, you won't regret it!
  17. “ Roll Up,roll up! Get yer ‘ orological oils and greases ‘ere...”

    “ Some say they ain’t suitable for Scanias or track only Ducati’s but I say you can use ‘em on anyfink......! “
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  18. This was me and the cheesy Saudi salesmen when I was buying my seamaster planet ocean , I only wind it when I wear it. IMG_0624.jpg
    Then I got the bug and bought a speedmaster moon watch
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  19. You sure it's legit? the salesman is wearing gloves just to stop leaving fingerprints :D
  20. Alas i dont opertrate in a word where i can buy 10k watches (or even 3k ones) on a whim. Or i’d Have loads :upyeah: