Average Speed Cameras In Bristol

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Richard 1200, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. It's frustrating cause two of the three times I've been caught speeding were on the motorway doing 50-60 mph in what I don't think were dangerous bits of driving at all.
  2. That'll serve you right for trying to earn a crust!!....i must say i was surprised as i was thinking "eee's on a bike and the cameras face forward...!"
  3. Thats always the way though isnt it. Some time ago i copped 6 points in one month. 3 for doing 45 in a 40 (heading out of Bristol over the swing bridge - past ashton school on the right) and then in Congresbury doing 37 coming out of congresbury....both by coppers hiding with a speed gun...cunts.
  4. Perhaps you can console yourself that at least this meant that the punishments were not too severe, and balance against any occasions where you might possibly have done something that would have resulted in worse, if you'd been caught?
  5. Yeah, I think overall how many points and fines I've got are a fair indication of what sort of driver I am. I've never had more than 3 points on the licence at a time either.
  6. Yep - a couple of years ago i top ended my z1000 coming down the m4 back to Bristol from the Ace (although i reckon i had another 10mph though :)....i think id be posting this from a cell if i got caught...
  7. Re the swing bridge one, where was he "hiding"?
  8. Up by the school on the right as you go out....theres a wall there - he was behind it.....the 40 mph limit is just past the school but everyone speeds up as they come round the corner (which is still a 30). What gets my gander is the fact it was on a sunday afternoon....a weekday morning as school is turning in, yeah, fair enough but thats the age old argument though isnt it...
  9. I must be thinking of a different place I'm picturing on the bridge heading south past the park and ride turn off. Not there?
  10. Yep - right there. As if youre coming into bristol youve got the high wall on the left and then that stops and the school is there....right there...