Featured 916 Back On The Road After A Little Rest!

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Nick Collins, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Decided to get the Strada back on the road this year before I'm too old and knackered to ride the old girl.
    It's been sat at the back of the garage for the last 5 years and only did 200 miles in the last year I had it on the road.
    Fortunately it had a big service just before it came off the road so needed less work than you'd expect to get back on the road, a fresh battery, a set of tyres (old ones not worn out but I never really liked them) and a trip to Rich at Moto-R for a small service, set of belts and a good check over.
    Fetched it back last night and went for a 60 mile shake down only to discover the bike had survived better than me! (could be the reason I ride a Multistrada these days)
    The 916 performed as good as it always did but the riding position was a bit of a shock after a few years on the Multi so I don't suppose I'll use it a lot but it will get a few runs out this year.
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  2. Lovely bike Nick
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  3. Thanks, a bit of a waste stuck in the back of the garage!
  4. I would look into getting the belts replaced
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  5. Is that an original Strada/SP/SPS? Nice.
  6. Timeless & beautiful italian lines:upyeah:..........and the shadow has a erection as well:p
  7. Nice. :)

    Youve just reminded me I gouged a lump out of my monoposto on my 916 whilst i prepped the 1299 for my recent alpine GP. I'd forgotten. Shit, now I have to think about paint...ffs...may as well do the lot. How much is a red paint job thesedays?
  8. Mine was £1500 on my 996.
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  9. If it's stuck in the back of your garage I could help you out by storing it for you? Naturally I'd ensure it was always in running order.....
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  10. Cook,Do you have a name:thinkingface:,as mine will need doing when i've finished riding it, the problem with the public roads is that they're full of traffic film and this is damaging the paintwork at the minute,so reluctant to spend the folding stuff.
  11. Its not stuck. Its just resting there. Just need to mot it. It hasnt really moved since i mot'd it last yr apart from one side of garage to other. I need to do the belts though.
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  12. HB,You may jest here,but the chap collecting his new panigale V4R from my local said that his mate would put some miles on it ,so saving him the running in time.:eek: i need some mates with bikes like that PDQ :)
  13. I know what you mean, we bought a Juke for my wife a few years ago and in the showroom I was 'browsing' a Nismo GTR as you do - the sales punter said that usually customers that buy them pay the garage to run them in for them!!! :bucktooth:
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  14. I have time to spare and am available for a very reasonable fee for "breaking in" services. Charge by the mile, fuel at cost, expenses commensurate with the machine value. Any takers??
  15. Muppets comes to mind here: unamused:or is time at a premium these days:thinkingface:
  16. I'm recommissioning a Trabant that I found near Pripyat if you're free ;)
  17. The latter - see my very kind offer.....
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  18. Muppets is the correct answer.....
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  19. Well, at least its a stroker......
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  20. @XH558 I use born to be wild in Cheltenham mate.
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