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  1. I have for many years resisted the trend to rely on the internet to get the most cost effective insurance cover, so with the renewal of my current multi bike policy due in the next few days and the imminent arrival of my V4 Speciale, I have spent a fair bit of time talking to brokers over the last few days. I would like to express my thanks to Scott at BeMoto for his time and openness, which quite frankly was refreshing. However, Paige at Ramasis (aka Ducati Insurance) has secured my business because she realised immediately that my current insurer would not cover the V4 on my multi bike policy and managed to find an underwriter offering an acceptable alternative. I’ve ended up paying about £100 more on the new multi bike policy for my current bikes but I can add the V4 at any time at a very reasonable additional cost. For good measure, they have also included breakdown recovery and replacement leathers and helmet cover free of charge. Andy
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  2. Hi Andy, I've been with Ramasis for the past 4 yrs now, can't fault the service, I did call them as my policy is due for renewal end of next month, hopefully I will pick up my Speciale in November and I asked what the premium would be, it will need to go the underwriters and also tracker fitted. Just curious to know which tracker you went for as all new to me
  3. Ramasis in Potters Bar?
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  4. We are a Bike Trac family, and have been for 6 years. It is not a cheap option but it is the one recognised by underwriters. Andy
  5. I believe so. Andy
  6. Thanks
  7. Ramasis just called today to let me know the underwriters are wanting another £1700 to insure the speciale. Just wondering what other owners are forking out, in live in a low risk area, bike will in house.