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Being Senior

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by PerryL, Aug 30, 2021.

  1. My ex reminded me that now I am eligible for a senior railcard.

    I put in a compensation claim for yesterday with no hope of ever seeing any compensation and then looked at getting a railcard. Naïve me did not realise that you are expected to pay for it!

    I did a fair amount of rail travel this summer for driving lessons. I used to meet at Gloucester station and then drive to Lydney station, or further to Chepstow. Even with all that, I think that I would of been pushed to get my £30 back, let-alone make a saving.

    Maybe if I used some peak route, like going to London often, I might save, but I don't. Also, as yesterday's trip was a nightmare, the last thing that I want to do us train travel for a while.

    I thought the problem was the work at Bristol Temple Meads but it is not. They have a epidemic of self-isolating drivers. A less charitable person than me, might speculate that the drivers have found a good fiddle, but I could not possibly raise that accusation.

    I did question myself when I first looked at going to Salisbury by train, why I never did it and just rode my bike there. That was a good reminder as to why stonking it across Salisbury Plain on a Ducati was infinitely more fun that waiting in an empty train at Swindon Station.

    In conclusion: train travel is shit and although I am not expecting good news, I do hope to get my license back.
  2. I quite like travelling by train. I have a wee puff, put my earbuds in and chill out to the scenery. I never see much scenery when on the bike. Except when Im in a hay field after running on due to gravel on the line. Thank fuck it was france. No hedges or owt.
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  3. You might as well have a pop at Dr Beeching, you’ve had a pop at everyone/thing else :joy:
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  4. Oh, you are in France. In England puffing is not allowed - not even on the platform. The only thing that is acceptable is non-running, or late, trains. Not just allowed, but positively encouraged. I would think that it is more important to get a service running on time than worrying about smoking on the platform. But it is not in GWR World.
  5. No Pez, Im in UK. My transgression with the hay field is whilst I was in France. Have a wee puff outside the station. Its quite a nice journey from London to Bristol. I also quite like London to Liverpool...

    Fuck...i need a weak lemon drink and a cagoule. Im turning into a nerd.
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  6. The thing is Train Drivers earn £60k+ PA, have decent conditions of service due to being members of a powerful union (ASLEF) and will be on full pay whilst they stay at home and isolate. On that basis what would you do if you were pinged and told to self isolate? Not that i’m supporting the actions of Drivers, I’m a frequent train user and it p*sses me off regularly when my trains cancelled due to a shortage of train crew.
  7. saw a Hastings Insurance ad on the Tv today.. :thinkingface: fat chance from me.
  8. I heard one on the radio earlier. Funnily enough, there was no mention that if you have a big claim against us, then you have no chance! It now all just washes over me. If I ever get my license back and a car, with Hastings working out the cheapest for me, then I would go with it. No scruples, me!

    Hate-wise, there are just too many organisations on my list!
  9. have you bought a Porsche yet ?
  10. An excellent TMWRNJ reference. Those who know, know.
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  11. AFAIK, train drivers are paid SSP which is £96 per week?
  12. No point - no driving license.
  13. Can you buy one ? Where I'm from its possible to buy one.
  14. My understanding is that the SSP figure is the minimum the employer must pay an employee. Generally in the Railway Industry the first six months sickness is paid at full pay and the next 6 months is at half pay.
  15. Thanks for that. I expect you must be right that the drivers are paid in full then as if they are eligible for SSP, the government is therefore classifying covid isolation under the sickness rule.

    You are correct @PerryL -apologies!
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  16. My contribution to the debate is limited to a) an airline pilot copes with three dimensions whereas a train driver just works the throttle with everything else taken care of for them. I don't see that as very demanding 2) strange how self-isolating fever really strikes on a bank holiday Sunday, isn't it?

    I would think riding a motorbike in both a left-hand drive country and a right-hand drive country on the same day is miles more demanding.
  17. If only things were as simple as that. You know its more involved than just pushing a lever Pez. Nothing is that simple. It is a position of great responsibility and a lot more involved than you give credit for. If it was so easy, maybe a simpleton could do it. But then, would you entrust a simpleton to ferry you about? On a few thousand ton train with hundreds of squishy people on board? Train wrecks are serious business. We'd have a damn sight more if it wasnt for the professionalism of our drivers. On our antiquated infrastructure, where successive governements have failed to invest so that they may give tax breaks to keep you lot with 4 cars on the drive and fuck all in the fridge.

    Vive le train driver.
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  18. Thats quite a regular occurrence and can end a drivers employment if not their life onwards
  19. I understand that Slough is the hotspot for leaping in front of trains in the GWR region. Can't think why.
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