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1200 Belt Change

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Beef, Oct 17, 2020 at 12:00 PM.

  1. My steed is on 28183miles so her second belt change is looming. I see there’s a seller of belts on this forum, but I am hesitant about doing this myself - whilst I am more than competent with spannering, all the Duc stories (various bikes & ages) has put me off! Anyone know of accurate guides or videos that can put me at ease?
  2. Pretty easy to do. Mark belts before taking off. Transfer marks onto new belts. Stick them on . Worst part is the amount of stuff you have to take off to get to them. YouTube belt change Ducati.
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  3. It's not a difficult job, does take a bit of time as OMG has stated there is a lot of faff to take off, I mark the belts but also use the crank lock tool and have a cam lock for the vertical cylinder cams, to make sure everything stays put!
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  4. The crank rotation tool is handy too..... If you use one make sure the spark plugs are out.... it will snap the lugs off the tool if you don't. Because the tank needs to be off consider replacing any other items nearly due such as spark plugs... air cleaner etc
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  5. Thanks for the advice & link to locking tool. I shall get some belts ordered
  6. You can get the belts from Exige on here.... As you mentioned.... I used them as do others....Exact fit....
  7. Binge watch Desmowerx on Youtube; one of the best channels there is. The fellow shows each step, parts required, tools required, all torque settings, tips and tricks. Go for it.
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  8. True..... But this guy rebuilds many Ducati engines... for example he uses the factory cam locking tool set on the testastretta... Not something affordable for person doing his own belts now and again....

    Good vids though as you say... Great learning tool...
  9. @Exige will see you right.

    Watch the videos on his website; http://www.exactuk.com/

    Only advice is to just take your time and be methodical (don't do 20 mins before heading on a tour of Scotland like you normally do).
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  10. I’ll have you know I did the eccentric hub 7 days before I went to Pyrenees & had to strip the gear change mech 10 days before a France trip.... but that wasn’t my fault, the linkage locked up - well it was my fault, I got the gear lever on the road on a roundabout in France a month or so earlier, but I didn’t know it was going to be an issue until 10 days before. :D
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  11. Never done a 4V engine, but countless 2V bikes, and the thing I always do once the new belts are on is to put the bike in gear, take the plugs out, and rotate the rear wheel to turn the engine over. That way you can be pretty sure that everything is as it should be before you start the bike up.

    Just be methodical about aligning all the marks on the pulleys, and make sure the tension is right, and you'll be good to go.
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