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XDiavel Belt Drive - Damage

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Freerange_egg, Sep 8, 2020.

  1. My belt drive has damage :( (from a stone trapped between the belt and belt cover?). Has anyone else had this problem?

    I’m curious how much damage matters. Do belts ever fail? :worried:
  2. This is the drive belt? aka rubber-chain.
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  3. Mine did during lockdown, it went from fitting a 34” waist, to not...
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  4. Throw an image up of the damage please
  5. Not you @outintheopen !
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  6. I hope it’s ok otherwise you’re looking at a bill for £1800 I believe
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  7. Yes, it's the drive belt (I think a new drive belt £400 :eek: plus 2h labour). :cold_sweat: Though I've been told that a damaged drive belt rarely-if-ever fails.
  8. I had a stone through my belt at around 1000 miles. My dealer said that the chances of total failure were very slim, but it wouldn’t repair itself so I had a new one fitted. Cost around £450 all in for the belt And fitting.
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  9. Here’s a photo of the damage to my belt. Once it was replaced I removed the guard to stop a stone getting tapped in there again. I fitted the Roland Sands front sprocket cover which is open.


    I’m now on 8500 miles and no problems

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  10. It's a freak accident for a stone-chip to get into there, considering the belt is what 2.5inches wide. I wouldn't worry about it but you could ham-it up for the dealership to replace it via ducati. However that part is a subject to been a consumable part I beleive.
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