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Best Track Bike?

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Cream_Revenge, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. We offer 195hp @ 13’000 rpm with an astonishing weight of 127kg
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  2. Better?

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  3. Yeh, a bit more manly :bucktooth:
  4. Joke aside probably a HP4 race is the "cheapest" way to own a purpose built race bike.
    Did you win the lottery?? ;);)
    TBH never seen that Sutter in action without the old French/Swiss chap fettling on the bike before going out, is that bike really sorted? or you'll have to replicate the chap in order to get the bike running?
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  5. i'm sure you could given the chance but i guess not as good as the man himself like most of us on planet earth.
  6. most? :thinkingface: like none :yum
  7. Yeah, we can go with that if you like :upyeah:
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  8. Have a manly kiss :kissing_heart:
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  9. Don't bikes like that only work at 9.5/10 ?
  10. Is that Am or Pm;)
  11. I was thinking more like a 999r fully track prepped or a
    MV Agusta F4 1000 RC
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  12. What about a moto2 bike?
  13. My gsxr k2 :p

    If it ever gets finished:thinkingface:
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  14. True fact on many levers.....

    Is it STILL not done yet?????
  15. Desmo. With power kit. 200ho. No electronics. Stiffest chassis there is. Scary beyond believe. A smile ever fucking mile
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  16. DD16? Is it fun?
  17. Apparently them 500 Honda are fun...
  18. Did you mean Track 'Day' bike BTW? :thinkingface:
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