1200 Beware Your Radiator/throttle Cable

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by PeterT, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. I have spoken to several owners of Ducati's who reliably inform me of this design fault that can cost you hundreds of pounds and be a a pain.It is regarding the chaffing issue that occurs with the throttle cables that pass between the airbox and radiator, there is very little clearance here and they rub against the lower edge of the radiator causing chaffing to the cable outer and soft aluminium. I checked mine at my first desmo check last June, and I am doing another desmo check at 30.000 miles and found significant wear compared to last year,
    8A8059FA-77A7-48B1-9BCF-935A9F835D10.JPG 8504D93A-62AD-4138-B3D8-9AC66568C2B7.JPG
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  2. thanks for the heads up.
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  3. Which model dude?
  4. 1200s but it affects 1098, 1198 and all versions where the cable runs behind the radiator
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  5. yep, I had this on my first bike, cables replaced under warranty.
    There was a bulletin that says to tie-wrap the cables back to the cross tube on the frame.
    It was reported on here a number of years back (can't believe its nearly 9 years ago since I bought my first 1200s)
  6. This got me worried but it appears to only affect the 1st gen 1200, not the DVT. Am I correct?
  7. Coman, I think so. Affects all pre DVT bikes for sure.

    I've not seen where the throttle cable is routed on the DVT.
  8. DVT is fly by wire, there is no throttle cable as such
  9. Thanks Funners, I thought that was the case but wasn't sure.
  10. I'd better check mine out...............
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  11. Mine looks like your pic. Was this a recall? I've got a 2013 now at 42,000miles , I'm going into a ducati dealer for mot next week. May ask if they can sort foc. What you reckon my chances are?
  12. gmoss, not sure it was a recall as such, possibly a tech bulletin.
    As long as the cables are tied back after each service all should be good, as that is when it might get forgotten.

    Whether you will get anywhere now with the dealer I have no idea. If its not too bad I would be inclined to put some self amalgamating tape over the throttle cable to help seal it again, and then tie-wrap it back.
  13. According to that cable bulletin it only affected 3042 multistrada from 2010, mine is late 2011 and the frame number is way past those affected, But its going in next week to have the faulty fuel sender done under what they call a a goodwill gesture, and I call got you bang to rights as you already know its a known fault. Also while the tanks off iam having oem heated grips fitted, but iam still going to mention it and ask them to check for me.
  14. @PeterT - Thanks for the warning. Checked mine, 2013 Multi 1200s. The mod was done, don't know when, but the cable and radiator looked very similar to yours. I am not sure whether the damage took place before the mod or after but noticed the cable was very close to the radiator. The cables looked twisted over each other in such a way that the damaged cable was a bit closer to the radiator. I managed to un-twisted them creating a bit more space (2-3 mm) but whether it will remain like this - dont know. Need to keep an eye on it - on to ebay now for endoscope borescope camera - too much hassle taking things apart to keep checking this :)
  15. As with Stavrich, mines got the rubber band fitted. Still a little movement in cable. As aero said, cable tie. I've added one. Cheers chaps.