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Big Mistake Bike

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Arquebus, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. Had a Gsx1100efe like this one with the sixteen inch front wheel. Great engine but the handling was vague at best.

  2. I think selling my 748 for a 2007 ZX6r was a mistake, the Kawasaki was a good bike but was just so nervous and lively on the road, had no confidence, also the discs warped for fun and then I had the well known issue with shim buckets requiring a new camshaft.

    then I think I made another in buying a CBR600rr which really is a great bike, but also being a Honda is really just so dull... I should have test ridden the Daytona 675, my mate bought one and once I rode it I didn’t want to get back on my CBR. I’ve had 3x Daytona’s since and 4 Ducati’s...
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  3. Loved my Exups. Fireblade was lighter, but not sure it was faster.
    EXUP.jpg exup RU.jpg FIREBLADE.jpg

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  4. Lovely thing to ride but melted its stator waiting to board the chunnel train killing my off Monza trip . Never trusted it after that

  5. Honda CBX550. Numerous camchain recalls eventually the engine went pop. The bike spent more time with Honda than me. Absolute pile of junk.
  6. Another for the Aprilia Tuono Gen2 Factory.

    It spent more time in the dealers workshop than in my garage in the time i owned it.
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  7. And you lot think you have had some bad bikes........;)

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  8. Honda CB1300. Bloody thing literally fell into corners and as for roundaboutso_O
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  9. I had a Ducati 1098, which was probably a great bike in itself, just too much for me, and with no electronics aids a spinning rear wheel on exit had me looking for something a bit more manageable - I actually went back to basics and bought a Street Triple which I still have and love.

    I also added an MV Agusta F3 which was again a great bike in itself, and never let me down, but I was always worried it would, esp. when it had a recall and the engine was stripped down to nuts and bolts. It also took 4 months for the tail tidy to arrive from MV - so I was worried how long it would be off the road if anything serious did go wrong. In summary, I decided it was all a bit too 'low volume manufacturer' for me, and I didn't have the nerve for it. Fortunately Ducati launched the 959 Corse, which was like the 959 S I wanted.
  10. Whatta lumper the wife and i toured all over the UK, great bike whilst rolling but being only 5' 7" fully laden and with wifey pillion made stopping and starting a bit pouty.

    bmw k100rs & hondy acty van..jpg
  11. It couldn't have been as bad as a Honda 250 G% though! overweight, top heavy, slower than a 1251 The Ducati Sebring that replaced it ate it alive even with the original 23 MM(!) carb.
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  12. I did 100k miles on my exup over 7 years and it still ran like new. Bike of the decade. img121_01.jpg
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  13. i should think so pulling that caravan with you :D
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  14. They had awful wheels...
  15. Comstars, that’s the name given to the wheels not a porn film.
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  16. How many sets of fork seals?
  17. Viv you musn't get all jealous now, my wife doesn't like being called a caravan. :cool:
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  18. Weren't they reverse Comstars on the Superdream??
    In any case they weren't bad for the day.
  19. Always fancied a ZXR750R K1 and bought one of a guy I worked with that had been lying in a barn up at his mates farm. It was in great condition and didn't take much to get running. Wish I hadn't it was a complete pig but I made a few quid on it.
    I also bought a Gen 1 ZX10R last year to flog on and that was a pig as well! Think it would be a close call on which was the worst
  20. Ducati 1098.
    2 x Sprags
    1 x Piston
    1 x Destroyed crank and shells
    Really don't know why I stuck with the brand. Jedi mind trick?
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