Bike Friendly Hotels In Or Near Florence?

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Buckers, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    I am planning to go the Moto GP in Mugello this year. Can anyone recommend suitable bike friendly hotels near Florence. I am planning to take the train to the circuit.
    Ideally want secure parking.
  2. We stayed here in 2017n

    Hotel Hermitage
    Via Ginepraia 112,
    PO Poggio a Caiano

    Comfortable enough, cheap enough, garages for bikes and 20 mins from Florence.

  3. Thanks for the info Mr Toro.
  4. No help to you in your search for accomodation I afraid but we’ll be in the NH Firenze Porta Rossa in Florence from the Wednesday before the MotoGP weekend if you fancy meeting up what I suspect will be a pricey beer :upyeah: Andy
  5. Last time I was there, used Hotel Adriatico, Via Maso Finiguerra, where parking was in a courtyard and seemed reasonable enough. Bear in mind this was 2011, so you would have to check.

    This would be an easy walk to the station and to Ponte Vecchio, but by the station would be easier to find and not difficult to get to the historic bits, as the city is very compact.

    Hotel was fine, with a very central location for sightseeing. I don't recall too much of it, to be honest, other than to find it, I had to turn down a one way street the wrong way at one stage. The police standing there didn't seem to mind. Florence is pretty terrible for traffic, but great for food.
  6. Hi,
    Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like a good option if I can find it too!
  7. Do check the parking is to your satisfaction, as I can't remember how secure it was. The hotel is still there.