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Featured Bike Shed At Brands Today..

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by Pavsta, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Giving the 900SS an airing, loads of fun. Like a normal trackday Just wearing your favourite slippers. Some nice bikes around..

    I’m in garage 24 if anyone wants to pop by and say hello.





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  2. I had a Morini 3.5 and a Le Mans back in the day. Not sure I would be brave enough to ride either round Brands.
  3. Blimey, might as well have been a Ducati owners Club/Forum day! (happen to know there is a red Paul Smart there also).
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  4. Pray tell, how do you get onto these Bike Shed days?
    Do you have to be a member or something like that (hopefully no dodgy initiation ceremonies if so o_O).
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  5. That on the face of it looks a ‘relaxed’ track day if ever such a thing exists, pity I’m no where near the bike shed would be nice to track my 94 M900
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  6. Yes. Piqued my curiosity too. Just had a butchers at the website. Membership £250 per year (!!!). Gives priority on track day bookings. But that implies you don’t need to be a member.
    Let’s see what OP reverts with.
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  7. The one to go to is their "Cafe Racer Cup" event at Lydden Hill, Kent. Crumby little track, but what a fun event.
    Every kind of race you can imagine from Hogs blaring music to BMW GS, motoX and 125 learners.
    Great atmosphere, food, music, cheap entry for anyone....

    They let me run the 1986 TT1 in the Classic Race.

    Sadly cancelled this year.
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  8. I’ve only just seen this post, but saw your bike @Pavsta and it did look stunning mate. Definitely looked like a Ducati track day :joy:

    I was only there ‘assisting’ today but the pace looked very varied and pretty much perfect for what I would want to go on to start off.
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  9. if not mistaken I think @Zhed46 might have done this/tried to do it but had problems or similar.
  10. Hi all, I’m not a member of the club, just booked it after seeing on Instagram. To be honest I think they’d have been happy with a bunch more bookings, it’s the quietest Brands Indy day I’ve been on. Very relaxed, ideal for taking out the bike you don’t ride enough. No-one is going super fast. Though a few people seem to be going straight on after over takes. Felt a bit sorry for this chap.. throttle stuck open apparently.

    Good day in general, I’d recommend it.

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  11. Oh bugger! That’s not an sps is it?
    Double bugger. I don’t do Insta or Faceache so I guess that’s me out :(
  12. I’ll definitely look at doing the next one!

    Proper shame about the bike, looked stunning and was going really well
  13. I'll give you dudes a hedsup when they announce the next one.
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  14. Brilliant. We can invade their day :upyeah::D:motorcycleduc:
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  15. we already did! :D
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  16. We had a Bike Shed track day a couple of weeks ago which sold out PDQ. So this was effectively for the overflow.
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  17. That’s right. I bought the cafe’d Bandit 1200 in the pic in 2018 specifically to take part in the inaugural BSMC Festival Cafe Racer Cup race but the bike wouldn’t run properly (carbs) so I had to park the idea for a year.

    I had a grid slot for the 2019 race but due to a “computer says no” error when I didn’t respond to an important email which had ended up in spam, I couldn’t race.

    I thought this year would be third time lucky, but then Covid upended those plans when they cancelled the festival and converted the race to a track day, which took place last month.

    I was at today‘s TD as well. It had less of a lively atmosphere than last month’s which had a kind of celebratory feel as it was the first time back on a bike and/or track for many people after lockdown. Plus, the couple who own and run BSMC weren’t there today as Vikki, who is pretty handy on a bike and a bit of a livewire, was unwell unfortunately.

    I had a really good time, though I was absolutely exhausted after a right fkn debacle last night when it took 6 hours to get the bike loaded*, meaning my son and I only got there at 3am rather than 9pm and had to stay in a lay by rather than at the camp site. It was also blazing hot today and I had a nauseous headache for a good while due to the heat and lack of sleep. The bike also had a few mechanical issues, as it was misfiring and the gear lever/box kept refusing to change up. As if that wasn’t enough, the grip on the left hand clip-on kept sliding off, so I’d do my best to twist it back on while on the straight and before braking for Paddock, only to have it do the same thing again so by the time I got to Clearways it was more or less half off once more. Clearways was also where the misfire was particularly bad so I had to take a different line to avoid holding people up.

    They ran 4 groups - Rapid, Inters and 2 Novice groups. I was in Inters along with a lovely and well ridden red S2R custom with a 999 tank and cafe racer seat, that 996 which the poor guy binned at Paddock when his throttle stuck open and also a red Monster Desmodue bike ridden by a guy who IIRC is going to be racing in that series.

    View attachment 218512

    View attachment 218513 View attachment 218514 View attachment 218515 4A26C94F-0975-43A4-A610-D24FF4F8D3BE.jpeg

    I made a number board to hide the rats nest of wires exposed when my headlight fell off at last month’s BSMC TD.

    BF84E101-9040-46B0-868F-7D77ECA307E5.jpeg 8D65A0C1-3446-4218-8F94-40D4E3C1EB42.jpeg

    I towed him round the paddock like that after we packed up.:yum


    * I’ll copy and paste the WhatsApp message I sent one of my mates about the f*ckery as you genuinely couldn’t make it up.
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  18. This the text to one of my mates about me trying to getting there last night and the various problems today, which kind of felt like being trapped in some sort of 80s screwball comedy starring Chevy Chase.

    It’s been the usual comedy of errors.

    Last night took 6 hrs to get ready rather than 60 mins. I wanted to use my Ducati 900ss bobber as well so I hitched up the two bike trailer for the first time i had used it only to find the wheel slots were made for 18” motocross wheels.

    So I decided to just run the Ducati and so I swapped the end can off the Bandit so it would pass the noise test.

    Went over every nut and bolt on the bike as I only just bought it back off the guy I sold it to after I built it as he’s neglected it tbh. Found two of the bottom yoke bolts and the seat bolt were loose which was a bit of an eye opener.

    Hitched up the folding single bike trailer and loaded the 900 on but the front tyre fouled the front wheel chock and cut a v shaped chunk out of it, which in combination with the loose fixings made me change my mind about riding it on track just yet.

    So, did that whole process in reverse.

    Loaded up the Bandit but the side stand fouled the trailer number plate bracket, bending it so it wouldn’t fit anymore and smashing the number plate light, which I replaced by adapting a head torch.

    By this time its nearly midnight and I’ve been dismantling and rebuilding motorbikes next to an old transit van in the middle of the village for 4 hours and I’m getting worried one of the local Karens is going to call the police.

    Loaded van with all my gear but then couldn’t find the keys. After 1.5 hrs searching I found them in the recycle bin.

    Got to lay by near circuit at 3am, slept at 4am.

    Woke at 7, rushed to circuit. Bike ran out of fuel in noise testing garage and I then realised I’d forgotten to bring spare petrol. Bike then failed noise test.

    Begged petrol off a mate, warmed bike up and it passed the noise test thank God.

    By this time it’s 30+ degrees and I was too sweaty to get into my race suit and I still have the last painful knockings of that partially dislocated shoulder.

    Did second session (inters). All good apart from a bloody misfire all through Clearways, the gearbox is messing around as it sometimes won’t change up and/or keeps giving me false neutrals meaning I ended up not far off running onto the grass at Surtees. Oh, and the left hand grip keeps sliding off!

    I’m just going to my motorhome now to slip into something more comfortable (most likely unconsciousness).

    Perhaps they should remake Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em with Frank Spencer cast as a bike loving barrister....:laughing:
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  19. the lost keys is sounding a lot like me - glad i'm not alone/glad you found them eventually.
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  20. Brilliant. We’ve all been there! :joy:
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