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Featured Bike Shed At Brands Today..

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by Pavsta, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Blimey, good effort making it through all that @Zhed46

    This was the S2R/999R tank bike, nice French chap called Rémi in our garage. 1098 front end and 696 engine, various 3D printed brackets. He’s done a lovely job with it.

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  2. @Zhed46 I saw your son and the bike, but didn’t see you yesterday.

    The heat was ridiculous at lunch time and that’s when I done the off.
    A mate was having issues with the bike hesitating at 9k and packed up at lunch

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  3. Here is a slightly (!) askew video of the final race for "winners" at last years' event.

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  4. Were you riding a red 996/998 in the rapid group? If so, I was pointing out your smooth and stylish riding technique to my son in the morning!

    You’re right about the heat though. I almost sacked it off at lunch too as I was already utterly shagged due to the exertions and stress the night before followed by only 3 hrs sleep without then being roasted to death. My (dizzy and aching) head told me “go home” but then my heart said “motorbikes! race track! sunshine!” and we decided to stick it out.
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  5. Thanks for that I've got neck ache now!
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  6. I wasn’t out on track yesterday, but a mate had his 748 out for a shake down. I was hanging around the garage at the far end (33?). I don’t think I would have got through noise test with my Arrow system :laughing:

    The 996 was going really well! Really fluid and great pace! Pretty sure it was the poor fella that ended up in the gravel
  7. We must have seen each other without realising as I was down at that end of pit lane fairly regularly, mostly scrounging petrol off Ali Latimer who was on a black and green Frankenbike R1 with Aprilia RSV4R factory forks, an RS250 seat unit and satellite Yamaha MotoGP fairings.

    I was speaking to him and admiring his bike at last month’s BSMC TD. He was in Inters with me and I probably have GoPro footage of a few laps from one session where we were swapping places, as I was able to overtake him going into Paddock or Druids but he would get past me again on the exit of Graham Hill or through Clearways, then rinse and repeat.
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  8. That is a lovely subframe.
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  9. Great idea on the number board, nice sentiment.
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