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Bike Stops / Cafeteria List

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by Fanous, Jul 10, 2023.

  1. If it hasn’t been mentioned already:

    Gartons, The Old Old Town Hall, Market Square, Midhurst, GB GU29 9NJ.

    Loads of parking, seats outside, just off A272.
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  2. I don't really want to encourage anyone to come to Lincolnshire to enjoy our relatively empty roads, but Henry Cole gave it a plug last week so I suppose its too late!
    Willingham Woods Picnic Area just up the A631 from Market Rasen - I wouldn't even give the catering from the kiosk 1 star and I'm not fussy.
    Seven Districts Coffee Roasters on the A46 between Lincoln and Market Rasen - A bit posh for me but the Mrs likes it and the Cake is good.
    Claythorpe Watermill - as featured on The Henry Cole Show - Nice setting, gravel parking, not that posh and they sell Dennetts Ice Cream.
    To be honest I know most of the roads in the North of the County but I don't like Coffee and I only usually stop for Fuel, Ice Cream or a Hedge break, so my knowledge of Watering Holes is limited.
    Ice Cream
    Blyton Ice Cream on the A159 Gainsborough to Scunthorpe Road (not been there for a while even though its close to home)
    Applebys on the A1031 between Grimsby and Mablethorpe (a bit too much Ice in it last time I went).
    Davidsons in Peel - Isle of Man - Long way to go unless its TT time but probably my favourite.
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  3. Lovely place, good food & great coffee (we buy our coffee beans from there)
    The only negative points are that it suffers from a MAMIL infestation as well as a car park full of Mummy SUVs, but good otherwise.
  4. South East England - GU24 8HU

    had a decent cup of tea and breakfast in here, and a chance to see a few planes taking off and landing.
    Current opening hours apparently:-

    Monday to Friday 08.00-16.00
    Saturday 09.00-16.00
    Sunday 10.00-16.00



    Hangar Cafe
    01276 855446
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  5. Awesome, I take ice creams stops too ;)
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  6. I've heard a rumor that Caffine+Machine are opening another venue later this year near Flitwick in Bedfordshire.
    Anyone else know anything about this?
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  7. yes, they are calling it the bowl
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  8. Obviously a geographical reference to Millbrook I wonder?
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  9. East Bilney Lakes, Norfolk. A hidden gem. Wood enclosed fishing lake with good grub; indoor outdoor seating. Good size gravel car park which is flat.
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  10. Great thread BTW!
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  11. Ye Olde Naked Fella in Settle, North Yorkshire: https://yeoldenakedmancafe.com

    But most riders mill about on the other side of the road, where good chips are to be had.
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  12. Isn’t that Norfolk generally though, yes it’s raining here…..
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  13. I’ve twice recently used the Codford tearooms just off the A36 between Warminster and Salisbury, only eaten cake with coffee, both excellent.
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  14. As a now multi-trillionaire; I had to drop the helicopter & butler off whilst visiting the former Quatford cafe. Decent full-english & brew - tenner

    The Food Stop Cafe
    A442, Quatford, Bridgnorth WV15 6QJ
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  15. This one should already be on the list, thanks
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  16. https://thepistonclub.co.uk/

    Cracking venue near Stratford upon Avon. Only recently opened and unlike the other local venue does not charge to park up.
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