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Bike Stops / Cafeteria List

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by Fanous, Jul 10, 2023.

  1. Blake’s Kitchen, Canfield. Cracking full English, no black pudding though, but the breakfasts/ cakes etc are very good.

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  2. IMG_7302.jpeg
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  3. No Black Pudding!!!!!!
  4. I’ve not experienced these empty Lincolnshire roads, they all seem to be roads interrupted by roundabouts and heavily congested.
  5. Sacrilege I tell thee.
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  6. Ducati Bournemouth have a great Cafe upstairs in their showroom. Good food, good coffee and a great vibe. Moto GP and WSBK is shown on the race weekends too.
    Oh and we have some in red bikes to look at!
    #106 John - Ducati Bournemouth, Feb 3, 2024
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  7. looks lovely too
    Wish I was nearer and you were a drive through :D
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  8. A drive through…..hmmmm there’s an idea
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  9. OK..... So as always,I'm a tad late to the party lol....

    So all the ones that I would have suggested on my travels around the UK have all been mentioned.....

    So just a heads up to those who like to venture further afield....

    Mottoradcafe Die Kurve, Kukenbrucher Germany.....

    Ace Cafe, Luzern Switzerland

    Grease & Goodness, Merelbeke Belgium

    Biker Ranch, Eifel Germany

    All tried and tested !!!!

    Hope this helps.......
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  10. All added to the map [https://www.google.co.uk/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1ExUJBcVTyzAqgIjc570MC6kuoNSFv6U&usp=sharing]

    I'm open to adding more recommendations across Europe :)
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  11. Nice one Steve.

    I've bumped into this website. They seem to have something similar going on. Though I must say google maps you got here a tad more pleasant to use.
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  12. I've added all the recommendations from Motolegends for places to eat local to them just south of Guildford.
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  13. Yep, and being a little out of the way it can have a nice quiet chilled atmosphere. And wandering around their show/sales rooms you can see some astonishing cars at astonishing prices.

    Beware of the road from Bibury to the actual place though because saying it's pothold just doesn't do it justice... it's truly third world standard in places.
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  14. @BaseJumper, last time I visited the Biker Ranch during August, there were local traffic restrictions, banning motorcycles from the area on a Sunday which I guess was a summer thing. Were the restrictions still in place when you were there ? Andy
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  15. Quite bonkers, considering the sort of cars that visit the area.
  16. I suspect they must get to the place from the north but the roads to Bibury from Cirencester & Burford are often quiet and can be a hoot.
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