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Bikes That Turned / Turn You Into A Hooligan

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by AndyTheFox, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. 1989 Suzuki GSXR250rr, 4cyl 4 stroke, 4 carbs, 17,000 red line, but at a push would do 19,000 rpm, 6 speed box, idled at 3000 rpm, didn't do anything until about 11,000rpm, but when it hit 15,000 rpm it took off, most I got out of her with careful drafting was about 185 km/h (115mph?) Looked great as well in metallic Black with fine Gold, Silver and Blue flake.


    Mine was similar to this, but Gold wheels and a few other differences.
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  2. :thinkingface:

    1. Raleigh Chopper
    2. Raleigh Grifter

    :upyeah: :)
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  3. My Katoom..............

    2009 dumped into ditch by Big John.jpg
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  4. Always land where there are nettles. :D
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  5. My very first bike a Yamaha YAS1 125.Had to ride like a Hooligan to stay with my mates on 250's
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  6. Ha ha, yep! Remember those capers on an AP50.... :):upyeah:
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  7. Sarah :thinkingface:
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  8. .........and Brambles, this Katoom was airborne and hit me in the back, the skybunk pilot was high as a kite.

    2009 Big J bent bike.jpg
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  9. Most tbh given the right riding partners & environment. But Mk1 multi and 848 evo were particularly troublesome and bad for encouraging poor behaviour. One for wheelies, the other for TT riding.
  10. Bikes I have set out for work on, thinking I will just have a steady ride to work and then it’s turned into wonder if I can catch that distant car before ......

    916 (also had trouble keeping the front down when overtaking, having come from IL4 at the time).
  11. First bike Suzuki TS90
    46 years later... current 939 'motard :p
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  12. Have to agree: mine was a GSXR750WW dutch import (I think)
    YAMMY RD250d!
  13. My ‘96 750 SRAD.
    Just pure dickery inducing.

    I have to say the 749 isn’t that far behind, especially as its a stroppy cow in crawling traffic or when its being honda jazzed with no way to get past anything and showing its pissed offness by slowly roasting your Leg and breaking your wrists till you get a shift on.
  14. fs1e.jpg
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  15. FZR1000 Genesis, Exup and a '99 R1 are all bikes that I've had in the past that I simply couldn't behave on but I still have a TDR250, an RG500 and a 955i Speed Triple so that kinda speaks for itself :imp::laughing:
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  16. out for a gentle bimble

    me on board 960 lya..jpg
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  17. 1199s. Bonkers
  18. 9FA41609-43F0-45D9-9FB0-71899D0DC2DF.jpeg 8F5CD819-28EF-482A-9ADF-1E8A8B6027BE.jpeg
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  19. Mk1 Gamma - bought it already crashed with no fairing... Scan10004.JPG
    Then TDR250 tuned with the headers cut (baffling removed), head skimmed, gas flowed. Again, bought crash damaged (note the rust on the headers from going down the road)
    Then finally going full hooligan with a GSXR7-11 straight off the track and put back on the road...fuck me what a handful (big sweeping corners was like riding a rocking horse over 130)
    Ive never had anything really normal in 30 years of bikes....
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