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Bikes That Turned / Turn You Into A Hooligan

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by AndyTheFox, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. It happened well before the car driving test in my teenager years while operating mini kubota excavators and Thwaites dumpers,i did turn one on it's side & placed the dumper burried into a very deep trench.happy days on site.:upyeah:
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  2. CBX1000 then GPZ900r
  3. '74 FS1E. Almost died when I t-boned a Morris Marina shooting a red light trying to see 50 on the speedo!
    RD400 - Not sure it was possible to ride one sensibly without the plugs oiling up?
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  4. RS125, amazing how that was ever a learner legal bike.
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  5. Gsxr1100N..... Last of the oil cooled behemoths.... Had many a lairy time on that....fond memories that sometimes make my toes curl
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  6. ?
  7. Suzuki GT 185
  8. A GSXR600WV, it didn't have mid range or torque so I had to use every rev to get anywhere and with an Art race can (extremely loud doesn't describe it) it was also quite anti social. Fun when everything clicked, awful when it didn't.
    The Cagiva Mito Evo I currently have is the same, red line in every gear or forget it.
  9. ? i guess the first was the CBR600Fp in ramping up the speed.
  10. FZR 1000 Exup, absolutely the dogs bollocks then part ex to 1992 fireblade:yum
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  11. 2000 Suzuki bandit 600 was my first bike and red lined it everywhere I love the sound of il4’s
  12. Well the red ap50 was the first "legal" bike
    many before that though, started about 9ys old on anything that had an engine and 2 wheels, too many to list.
    but every bike turns me into a hooligan!
    I collected 23 penalty points on that red ap50 and nearly got an all expenses paid holiday at her majesties pleasure lol
    I just cant behave myself on a bike, Im 55 and should know better, but I dont.
    latest is 13 plate multistrada and i aint any different on that.
    luckily ive only ever managed 6 points on my licence since I was 16 yrs old, and that was this year for stupidly picking up my mobile phone in works car.
    but i'd go for my benelli tre 900 tornado that just begged to be thrashed and handled a dream, that bikes soundtrack was so addictive you could not help yourself.
    I had to let it go after 8 yrs due aches in my neck from years of abuse, and I do think I may have killed myself on that bike, it seemed to attract attention of sports bikers wanting to race with me, and living here in Scotland we have the most awesome biking roads that you can ride flat out on.
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  13. In the past my CBX turbo. Nothing, nothing, 10 psi boost. On 130 section rear tire.
    Now it's the Tuono which just wants to wheelie everywhere.
  14. Always a bike I wish I’d owned, it’s just so striking looking with weird shit like those fans under the seat!
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  15. You can pick them up pretty cheap just now, but they are getting rare, worth picking one up as investment, I've had the tre k 1130 as well, very underrated bikes, my actual trek 1130 was featured in MCN it was tested against the bmw 1000xr and got a glowing write up.
    I will get another one at some point once I clear space in my garage
  16. CBX in in 1981 iirc, how I am still alive is beyond me.
  17. X7. My first naughty boy bike. I didn’t think anything on earth could possibly be faster. At the time....
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  18. 1. T595 for its midrange and its howl. Parked it into the side of a van.
    2. KTM300EXC for its hair trigger throttle. On/Off and the way it eats those tiny spark plugs at £5 each every other trip. This bike broke both my wrists, twice. But nothing could live with it on commute to Euston from Croydon and was great for Kickstart moments negotiating Brixton gridlock.
    3. Husqvarna SMR510, for trying to kill me every time I rode it and for its monkey butt. Lives on rear wheel, front wheel superfluous.
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  19. Tuono with a full Akra system on it.

    absolutely infectious the noise that it made and just made you want to nail it everywhere to hear it.
    Just fitted a full Akra to the R1M and I’ve a feeling that’s going to be the same.
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