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Bikes That Turned / Turn You Into A Hooligan

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by AndyTheFox, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. In no particular order.

    35230_468653464111_7527325_n.jpg 90238087_10159491675204112_8334583247061123072_o.jpg

    Not had this long but already had a brush with the Rozzers.

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  2. It can get a bit lairy. On road it is fecking awful though.
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  3. BMW HP4 Carbon - took it back after 8 months, either I would have lost my licence or my life, and I value my licence o_O
  4. Used to take the DT on the back of my camper to the IOM TT races and I was John McGuinness going over the mountain. My Street Triple also was a bit of a hooligan bike.
    0FDA9BA6-522F-48E9-BE96-20C69CBD88BF.jpeg D97310F2-BC2E-4669-9E66-AEF89FC15670.jpeg
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  5. My ZZR1100 de-restricted......

    0-60 in about 2 seconds; 0-100 and back to stationary in about 10 seconds.

    95mph in 2nd gear and wheelspin in 3rd gear having changed up from 2nd at about 75mph (slightly damp road).

    Me on the ZZR1100; one mate on a GPZ900, another mate on a GSX1100.......all accellerating together from a standing start going up a long hill on a dual carriageway........all three with the front wheels in the air.

    When we crested the hill, the combined speed was roughly 375mph.....(only one of us was brave enough to look at a speedo).

    All on private roads of course.
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