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Bit More Hp

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Carr01, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. It’s an ssie. You need to get along to a desmo due race matey, have a look at what they do with monsters and ss’s. Brands is normally first on the calendar ;)
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  2. 900ss ie track bike that belongs to a Dutch guy on the fb forum.
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  3. looks to have the carby swingarm on it? like the 2 into 1...
  4. you get along to any? you'll have to give me a heads up if ya do!
  5. Could be arranged. Remind me when the season starts!
  6. Partly why I moved on from the Multistrada, bought it for European touring which I did, but never really got on with the looks.
    These earlier Ducati’s are mighty handsome.
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  7. No one has ever been critiscised for saying the multis are not easy on the eye...
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  8. No, but they are a cracking bike. Got an 1100S this year and it's a great jack of all trades, Tour, Scratch, Commute and it's got plenty power and Ducati charm.
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  9. As above, damned good capable bike, blisteringly fast with all day comfort, just hasn’t got that ‘one last glance’ appeal, if you know what I mean.
  10. Although I like the looks, other than the face
  11. Holy Thread Resurrection... I'm guessing you're talking about lithium ion batteries (of which I am a fan, had one on my 1100 Hyper for years)? Why are mods to reg/rectifier needed on the 900 - and what are they...?
  12. slight can of worms/controversial subject re: Regulator.. There's nothing wrong with the original equipment regulator* fitted to the 900 and similar of that year, but if the unit is the original then more likely to fail now and there are modern units using MOSFET technology that will run a bit cooler.

    * often blamed erroneously for charging/overheating problems but more likely to be caused by corrosion and/or high resistance in the 2 relevant connectors and even the wires themselves sometimes.
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